Anger Management, Anxiety Issues, Business Management, Change Management, Codependency, Communication Problems, Conflict Management, Depression, Divorce/Divorce Prevention, Empowering Women, Family Support, Happiness, Life Transitions, Marriage, Mediator, Midlife Crisis, Parenting, Relationships, Self-Esteem, Trust Issues, Worry



Additional Expertise

Change Management Expert, Leadership Coach, Mediator, Parenting Coach, Relationship Coach

About Leeza Steindorf

Success is a state of being. It is who we are, not something we achieve. International Communication and Personal Transformation specialist, Leeza Steindorf, guides individuals and organizations to claim their power and create unexpected breakthroughs beyond what they thought possible. Her CORE work - Clarity, Ownership, Resolution, Excellence - shows people how to use their natural abilities of curiosity, communication, strategic thinking and kindness to create vibrant well-being, be powerful in their profession, and build strong and lasting relationships.

Individuals and organizations from over 35 cultures worldwide engage Leeza as a speaker, trainer, consultant and coach.  

Leeza holds certifications as a Mediator, Coach, Trainer and Group Facilitator and a degree in Business Management. She is the award-winning author of the books Connected Parent, Empowered Child and CORE Success for Schools (Frieden lernen® in German), as well as of the trainings Genius of NonJudgmentParenting Success Blueprintand Connected Communication