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By becoming a YourTango Expert, you instantly put your practice in front of millions of potential clients each month. You can connect quickly with people in need and begin offering them support to create a happier and healthier life.

Our focus is on helping the clients in need. Because our focus is on them, our approach is different...

1.  All Experts can (and are encouraged) to write articles and publish on our site.

2.  By becoming a published author on YourTango, you educate readers about your expertise and connect with them in a simplified way; you're not asking to be hired, you're simply offering your advice for them to read. This fills a core need clients have.

3.  Every Expert knows that it takes clients time to decide they're "ready" for help. By contributing articles, Experts enter this space with clients and encourage clients to get help faster than they would naturally.

4.  By having articles, ebooks, seminars, live events, standard books and more available for clients, you become part of their process of deciding when it's the "right time" to get help.

5.  This softer approach benefits everyone because clients can begin their healing while being introduced to you without taking your time to make the connection.

6.  Finally, when clients are ready to commit to full-fee services (individual sessions at your full rate), you're the one they want to talk with because of your previous relationship with them; a relationship you may not even be aware of until you meet.

Watch and see how several of our Experts are making our program work for them...