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Clinical Somatic Educator | Hanna somatics | Intelligent Self-Empowerment Mentor

Intelligent Self-Empowerment

My work in clinical somatic education (since 1990) -- and exposure to teachings from other traditions, both ancient and modern -- have led to my recognition of the underpinnings of personal existence -- attention, imagination, intention, and memory -- which I call, The TetraSeed. That recognition has enabled me to develop very potent procedures by which we can alter hidden, underlying, controlling factors of our lives -- our unconscious and conscious conditioning. The TetraSeed Transformation procedures enable us to uncover and change burdensome programming that works against us -- programming that leads to resignation and the feeling, "I know I have to change, but I can't." The TetraSeed Transformation procedures work very quickly to produce distinct changes that you can feel immediately, that show up unmistakeably in life
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Clinical Somatic Education
If you have chronic pain that affects movement, Hanna somatic education can produce lasting relief that lasts in a relatively short period of time -- with a lifetime satisfaction refund guarantee that has seldomly been invoked since 1996.
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  • sacroiliac joint dysfunction
  • chronic pain syndrome
  • iliopsoas syndrome
  • pain in the groin
  • sciatica

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My longer Personal Background page appears, here. In it, I describe my own history of injuries and recovery from them by somatic education techniques, and I feature letters of reference and a list of publications and public speaking engagements.


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