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Dating Coach, Life Coach, Psychic/Medium, Relationship Coach, Spiritual Coach

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Eyes Are the Window to Your Soul & Soulmates! I match and coach people based on the energy in their eyes.

About Laureli Shimayo

I am a life, leadership and love coach and consultant, a matchmaker, a career counselor, spiritual guide, author and teacher. My specialty is using ThriveTypes®, a set of archetypes that promote thriving, to help you connect with your authentic self and engage everything you do in work, life and relationships from this true core.

I have extensive training and experience in coaching, body psychology, somatic psychology, psychotherapy, spiritual growth, matchmaking, dating, conscious online dating, couples counseling, career guidance and counseling, team dynamics, culture change, hiring, talent management, leadership development, business strategy, retreat facilitation, training, and management.

I’m intuitive, compassionate, playful and present while also strategic and practical. I’ll partner with you on your growth journey, from wherever and however you are now to wherever and however you desire to be. I’m here with you on your path.

Work together often begins with an Intuitive Eye Reading and ThriveTypes: your ThriveTypes point to your purpose, your soulmates, the career directions you’ll find most fulfilling and how you can best do all you do so you experience the most joy and success. ThriveTypes are unique in that they cut through any of your Masks, false ways you believe you are or should be, to shine light on your true core.

Eyes Are the Window to Your Soul + Eyes Are the Window to Your SoulmatesTM

We all have the experience of meeting someone wearing dark sunglasses that prevent us from seeing their eyes and the feeling of frustration that we are missing information about that person. We all see things in each others’ eyes. Subconsciously people make choices based on what they see in others and what they believe about themselves – I aim to empower you, to make this awareness conscious, to support you moving in the most authentic directions.

ThriveTypes are a map for what we see in each other’s eyes. There are more options in ThriveTypes than there are people alive on the earth. I intuitively read your eyes by video and photos to determine your unique genius, soul or essence – your greatest capacities. We tune your ThriveTypes assessment together, our determination of your personal Sweet Spot, and then this becomes our foundation for everything else we do together.

I’m not only a master at reading your eyes, facial micro-movements, body language and behavior; I excel at recognizing the subtleties of how your personal growth lessons intertwine to stop you in your tracks. I’m also compassionately precise at articulating how to leverage these lessons as opportunities to open and access your full power.

Matchmaking: We’ll use ThriveTypes to assess you, your family of origin, your exes, and any current attractions to determine your old, problematic dating patterns. We’ll optionally take steps to heal self-judgments and fears underlying those patterns and start you on a new relationship path. I’ll match you with dates who avoid your old patterns and are really great for you, meeting you where you are now, and optimally growing with you into the future.

Online Dating: We’ll use your ThriveTypes to tune your online dating profile (both your text and photos) to highlight the real you, we’ll clarify and describe how you want to be met by a partner (which might be emotionally, playfully, intellectually – whatever your ThriveTypes suggest), and we’ll screen the eyes of potential dates (by reading their ThriveTypes) to select the dates who are best for you. I’ll coach you on how to write to people, be the real you on dates, experience a sense of abundance of options, and know if someone really is a great match.

Couples: We’ll use ThriveTypes to shine a new lens on your relationship dynamics, face what’s been happening and choose whether to stay or go. We’ll focus on ways to increase synergy and decrease challenges. We’ll use Body Psychology and practice skills for increasing transparency and response-ability so you shed baggage and projections and experience the closeness and partnership you both want.

Personal Development & Spiritual Growth: We’ll use ThriveTypes to see where you are on your growth journey, where you’ve come and why, fully feel whatever arises, and map what’s ahead. We’ll identify the big lessons that are holding you back, and by combining intuition, ThriveTypes and Body Psychology, I’ll help you see how to take big leaps forward in the size and rhythm that’s right for you.Career: We’ll use your ThriveTypes to help you understand why you might feel frustrated or underutilized now, select great career path options that will be so much more fulfilling, and choose organizations and teams that want the talents you most want to contribute. We’ll optionally tune your resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letters to highlight your authentic strengths and downplay skills you have but don’t enjoy.

Leadership: We’ll use your ThriveTypes to see how you can lead more authentically, powerfully and easily. We’ll review photos of your colleagues, manager and direct reports and determine new behaviors to have others respect and appreciate you more, increase collaboration and have you optimally motivate and manage your people. We’ll review personnel challenges and strategize solutions. See www.Thrive-Wise.com and www.CultureCounts.biz for more information.

Hiring: We’ll use ThriveTypes to determine the needs for the position, your culture and the team, then I’ll video interview candidates to determine natural talents, risks, topics for further interviews and help determine your best choices. See www.Hire4Genius.com for more information.

I work with clients in person and by video, around the world.

I live near the water in Seattle and love being in the internal world with people and the outer world in nature.

Laureli Shimayo Success Stories

Matchmaking & Soulmates

“I want to express my deepest gratitude for the wonderful coaching session you gave my partner on dating and relationships. Your divine counseling was instrumental in her choosing me in her search for a soulmate. I have never felt so met and in so many ways in my entire life and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Her Soulmate

ThriveTypes & Growth Lessons

"What you have given me is huge. I am so thankful. The way you have defined everything [that I have been experiencing and what I need to do] is so satisfying. You have inspired me. This is so huge. You have great gifts. Your intuition kicks ass. You have developed a very harmonious and solid system." Energy Healer


"You have changed my life so much in such a short time." – Bestselling Author, Speaker and Coach

Matchmaking & Dating Coaching

"I credit your coaching for finding a good match that matches ME. He really sees me and appreciates me. I'm fully in." – Leadership Consultant


"We are an incredible match...every day finding more similarities to marvel at. You are absolutely right - the best partner is one who is very much like you! It feels so comfortable to be able to give love in the way that it comes most naturally and have the other perceive it as their own perfect way of being loved." – Medical Office Manager

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