Top 25 Healthy Tips From A Registered Dietitian


If you are looking to start a healthy lifestyle, follow these tips on wellness and exercise.

1. Do order Blue Apron or Plated; Do not order thru Seamless (likely a binge)

2. Do eat all food in moderation; Do not think that this means saying “yes” to all foods all the time in any portion

3. Do go to Soul Cycle; Do not go 7 days a week or do double sessions

4. Do go to yoga; Do not exercise only to burn calories

5. Do eat kale; Do not eat so much kale that your hands turn orange

6. Do gain knowledge regarding calories; Do not count calories

7. Do food shop at health food stores; Do not think that all these foods are healthy for you

8. Do make your own dinner; Do not think that I or other RDs cook every night ☺

9. Do monitor your well-being; Do not use a scale to weigh your wellness

10. Do use a scale if necessary; Do not ever use a scale more than once a week

11. Do monitor for a trend over three weeks; Do not freak out over 1–2 # changes

12. Do buy organic fruits, vegetables, and dairy; Do not buy organic from other countries

13. Do buy local foods first; Do not forget that many small local farms can’t afford organic certification

14. Do know that you can only absorb lycopenes through cooked tomatoes; Do not follow a raw diet

15. Do eat some fruits and veggies raw; Do not only eat fruits and veggies

16. Do yourself a favor; Do not diet

17. Do check in with how you feel physically and emotionally; Do not assume weight equates health

18. Do eat when hungry; Do not eat for boredom, stress, or for a celebration

19. Do eat breakfast; Do not skip breakfast even if you don’t feel hungry

20. Eat carbs, proteins, and fats at all meals; Do not eat more than your body physically needs for fuel on a daily basis

21. Do eat carbohydrates; Do not think all sugar is evil

22. Do know that fruit and veggies are carbohydrates; Do not think that sugar makes you fat

23. Do know that overeating makes us gain weight; Do not think that one food makes you fat

24. Do love yourself; Do not feel shamed by others

25. Do understand why you eat for nonphysical reasons; Do not think weight loss will change this