First Date Tips: What Should Women Wear On A First Date?

So, the guy you’ve been dying to go out with has finally invited you on a date or perhaps you are going on a blind date with a complete stranger. Whatever the case, you are probably wondering “What should I wear?” Not to worry, here are a few tips just for you.

Dress for the occasion
Find out from your date where he plans to take you. Nothing beats advance preparation and planning. The location and time of the date will pretty much dictate your wardrobe. If you are going on a fun daytime date to have lunch in the park, you may want to dress casually. A nice pair of Capri pants and a cute blouse with minimum accessories would be fine. If the weather is hot, how about a sundress or a nice pair of khaki shorts and a cute tank top? If you are meeting at a sporting event, consider wearing something that you wouldn’t mind having a little food or drink spilled on like a pair of jeans and a casual top. People get a little wild at sporting events and accidents are likely to happen. Jeans are also appropriate for lunch dates at casual establishments. Remember that you can always dress up a pair of jeans with a satin blouse and a nice pair of pumps or sandals. For an evening dinner date, a nice dress or a pair of slacks and a blouse would be suitable for most restaurants. For a more formal setting, be sure to wear a cocktail dress or an evening gown.

Handy Dandy Black Dress
Every woman should have a black dress in her closest. If you don’t have one, be sure to get one. You can’t go wrong with a black dress. A black dress can be worn on just about any date. You can wear it to dinner and a movie, to a lunch date, and even the symphony. The secret to wearing a black dress is all in the accessories. How you accessorize will make all the difference in the look of your dress. If you want to have a more casual look, keep it simple. If you want to dress it up, put on nice pieces of jewelry, a pair of strappy heels, a nice jacket or wrap and a complimentary handbag. You choose the color.

Be Yourself
On your first date, don’t try to impress your date by being someone who you are not. It’s a nice gesture to want to go all out for the first date, but if your clothes don’t represent who you are, you may feel a little awkward. So, wear something that compliments your personality. If you are “the girl next door” type, then don’t show up in a sexy dress and high heel shoes misrepresenting who you are for the sake of making an impression. You want to feel good in your outfit. You don’t want to be self-conscious about your inability to walk in stilettos or pulling down your dress that is too short for your taste.

Choose Comfort
Your outfit should be comfortable with a nice fit. Don’t overdo it with the tight fitting clothing. By the same token, you don’t want your clothes to be too loose either. Wear shoes that are comfortable and easy on your feet. Although those sexy 3 inch heels may be calling your name, don’t be afraid to wear flats or low heel shoes. There’s nothing worse than trying to impress a date while experiencing discomfort. I don’t know about you, but it is very difficult for me to be pleasant and attentive when my feet are hurting.

Leave something to the imagination
You don’t want to show up to the first date dressing too provocative. Try not to expose too much flesh and keep your cleavage under control. After all, you want him to spend the evening gazing into your eyes, not at your womanly parts. You can be sexy and classy without being too revealing.
Whatever you decide to wear, be sure to put forth some effort in your decision. Leave your date with the impression that you took the time to dress for the occasion because the date matters to you.

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