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In helping strong and successful women meet strong and successful men.

About Lana Otoya

Hello, my name is Lana Otoya and I am a dating coach for strong successful women. I am a top dating coach based out of Vancouver, BC.  

My work has been featured in publications such as Yahoo News, Bustle, Best Life Online, Hello Giggles and more. I have also written several books available on Amazon. 

My experience in the dating industry has allowed me to work with many male and female clients. In talking to hundreds of single people, I have learned exactly what high-quality matches look for in a partner. 

As a successful single woman, you're confident about many aspects of your life, like your career, social life and family life. Yet, when it comes to relationships with men, nothing ever seems to work out.

The good news?

You're not alone. 

I've always questioned why many highly successful women can't find a man that meets her standards and eventually I stumbled across the answer.

Men who are high-quality are looking for something very specific that highly-successful women always forget to bring to the forefront. Successful women always want to highlight their career accomplishments and while that is amazing and awesome, it's not specificallly what most men are looking for. My coaching and writing has been dedicated to helping women discover what high-quality men really look for. 

Confidence Coaching

I have also spent my career teaching women that confidence is a learned skill and has nothing to do with your track record. So if you've had failed relationships, countless bad dates or experienced heartbreak, your confidence with men can be recovered.

Online Dating

My primary focus in dating coaching is to help women find a high-quality man through the method of online dating. Online dating is the most effective way to find a great partner so my coaching includes tips on how to make online dating less frustrating and more effective. 

Helping Women Enter Healthy Relationships

I have done so much research on relationships, and so much heartache and struggle can be saved by choosing the right partner while in the dating phase. Many people ignore the signs of an unhealthy relationship while dating, simply because they are "head over heels." Although the honeymoon phase is a fun and enjoyable time, it can be dangerous not to know the red flags that will cause struggle down the road. 

This is why I am primarily a blogger, giving out valuable information on choosing the right partner for free. I believe that this is stuff that should be taught in schools, so I am doing my part to spread the word to women about what to look for in a high-quality man. 

I have also advocated stronly that women in this modern age don't need a man. "You Don't Need A Man" is the name of my most recent book and it is based on the fact that being single won't destroy your mental health as badly as being in an unhealthy relationship.

Good luck in life and love!

-Lana Otoya

Dating Coach 




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