Why Embracing The Chaos Is The Path To 'Divine Intervention'

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Have you ever noticed the beauty in embracing chaos? Despite tragic losses and devastating circumstances for so many others, this can still be a special time for many people.

I can’t help but see transformation all around. I feel curious and even fascinated, by it. As a therapist, I’ve spent almost two decades helping clients embrace chaos.

I’ve heard countless stories and witnessed much heartbreak.

I feel empathetic as you figure out what you feel, how you think, and what it really means for you. And I feel proud of you when you figure out how to overcome your fears, difficult circumstances, and unwanted situations.

Many people are still anxious, confused, and scared right now. So, I want you to know that everything will be OK.

No, I don’t have a crystal ball nor government secrets. I simply know what’s on the other side of chaos.

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Chaos often means incredible transformation.

Beauty, innovation, teamwork, and integration are created amidst chaos. I’m fortunate in that I get to witness the amazing process of creation.

Chaos. Chaos is the toolbox of creation. If you only see what was, what isn’t, and what should be, you’d feel as excited as a woodworker without tools.

Open vulnerability as part of communication, interesting coping styles, and search for meaning are great tools to thrive versus fester in chaos.

Tragedy is never something I’d suggest. It's something you may need to use to your advantage.

Vulnerability fosters true connection.

Right now, people are raw and the authentic connections and conversations you have with them can create a bond for life. Pretension or intimidating offices have been replaced with home offices and living rooms.

I tune in to watch stuff online, not to hear what is being said so much as to get a feel for who the news anchor or superstar is behind closed doors.

I trust them based on their home décor not being too perfect and their willingness to express true emotions.

Chaos can be scary and is frightening at times.

Yet, it’s also exciting and expansive. Importantly, God’s hand best works amidst chaos.

Your faith can grow. I notice you have more peace, comfort, and even a sense of mission when you have faith.

I’ve also observed how faith often precedes purpose.

Our society will never be the same again — which might be a good thing. 

What aspects of that are a relief to you? What parts of you need this time to just be home alone, or perhaps with loved ones?

Perhaps, you're still mourning due to Covid-19 or still figuring out how to trust things will be OK ever again.

If you're in this space, it’s important to feel fear, anger, or confusion. However, it’s not OK to stay there.

It’s time to recognize all of your emotions.

Your emotions are there to help you, not hurt you. Fear means you need to protect yourself. Anxiety means you need to prepare yourself.

Anger means you’re feeling violated because you’ve given too much or, perhaps, had too much taken from you. Disappointment demonstrated higher expectations and perhaps standards exist within you.

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All emotions are precious — even the negative ones.

Peace is the destination as you make countless pit stops.

Negative feelings aren’t pleasant, but it does mean you’re alive. A survivor among the lucky ones.

You don’t know how many days or years you have. You don’t know your expiration date. You can choose to focus on what makes each day special.

You can choose to seek time — alone or with God — to create your purpose.

Chaos creates meaningfulness in life.

A meaningful life is possible to everyone while living a happy life is more difficult. Meaningful lives are more valuable. How? Embrace the chaos.

Be vulnerable instead of guarded. Authentic rather than perfect. Protect yourself rather than choosing to live in fear so you can feel safe as possible within your control.

Prepare to overcome challenges instead of living in anxiety over anything. Play instead of being serious. Pray instead of complaining. Praise instead of dismissing.

Ask God for what you need.

He wants you to experience his miracles. If you only ask him to care for others, how can you be thoroughly awed?

Instead of only asking God to take care of others, know it’s OK to ask for blessings for yourself. In fact, it’s good for you.

It will make you more grateful when you are gifted one day with it. There are jobs being created, amazing opportunities, family visits to reconnect in store for you.

Perhaps this article is an answer for which someone just prayed.

God creates miracles from chaos.

Whether you're quarantined for safety, alone in a hospital room on a ventilator, a heroic healthcare worker, or with loved ones, please know God creates miracles from chaos.

It's part of his job description. In the meantime, do yours. Wife, mother, sister, daughter, son, boss, employee, etc.

You're not alone.

We're all going through this chaos together, and we will be OK. We just have to do the best we can with what we have, and ask for what we need when we need it.

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Laila A. Daniel, MA is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Board Certified Tele-Mental Health Counselor in Fayetteville, NC. Visit Rising Phoenix, PLLC, if you’re interested in Telehealth Counseling.

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