The Secret To Loving Your Body? Treat It Right

woman in tub

How many times are you frustrated looking at the mirror or feel like giving up because you lost your own personal healthy lifestyle/ fitness vision? You feel disgusted about yourself, avoid going to dances, fitness club, even out with your boyfriend or best friends?

But it's no miracle that you do nothing and just give up. It takes work to build up and correct your weakest habits, but when you focus on you; you get what you desire. As a personal development coach, here are my tips for embracing body happiness now: 

  • Don't wait for the next  New Year resolution which doesn't work. You can start at anytime of the year. The only resolution you'll need is to build up and work on your weakest workout, healthy lifestyle, and eating habits.
  • Don't watch what others do; be You.
  • Take one step at a time; write down what you have done.
  • Don't join a gym when you won't use it. Go for inexpensive equimpment: a pair of weights, jump rope, exercise ball. They are cheap and effective.
  • Buy home fitness workouts DVDs at the store or on the Internet. You can use them also when you travel...any time.
  • Download free fitness apps.
  • Keep meal portiosn in check. Eat more fruits, salads, veggies. Prepare your own, healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner. They also much cheaper. 
  • Think more positively; work on yourself to be more happy.
  • Love Your Body! It's the ONLY place you have to LIVE in.