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About Kristin Casey

As a certified sexuality counselor and intimacy coach, I am passionately committed to facilitating my clients' healing and growth. My role includes guiding  them out of "performance mode" and into a more natural state of presence, play, and pleasure.

My style of coaching is both advisory and experiential. Intimacy is an experience. We don’t satisfy hunger by reading recipes; we get in the kitchen and mix it up, with spice, flavor, and passion. In this way, new neural pathways are created and strengthened, in a safe nurturing space and accepting supportive environment.

My sessions are co-creative, free flowing, and tailored to the individual. They may incorporate any number of the following:

·       breath work

·       eye gazing

·       body sensation meditation

·       communication exercises

·       trust exercises

·       Sensate Focus

·       mindfulness practice

·       body image work

·       dating &/or social skills practice

·       pelvic floor muscle work

·       arousal awareness/control practice

·       sex ed (anatomy & technique)

My typical client is male, aged 20-70, married, single, divorced, or widowed. I see many former workaholics ready to make the most out of life, inexperienced, shy or socially awkward men, severe introverts, late-in-life virgins, men suffering from sexual dysfunction or recovering from illness, injury, &/or surgery, and healthy functioning men experiencing occasional or pervasive feelings of mild to moderate disconnection.

Many of my clients lack sexual knowledge and confidence. Some have focused so exclusively on pleasing their partners they’ve lost touch with their own inner sensual being. I have training in treating premature ejaculation, unreliable erections (ED), ejaculatory inhibition, anorgasmia, and other erectile dysfunctions. Please note, I am neither a therapist nor medical professional. I am a certified sexuality counselor and intimacy expert with a holistic approach, incorporating aspects of the emotional, physical, intellectual, sexual, and spiritual self in session.

I’m also an IPSA trained Surrogate Partner, available to work with clients and their licensed therapists in Surrogate Partner Therapy.

Those who seek me out are frequently suffering from performance anxiety and pleasure anxiety, sometimes subtle and sometimes overt. More than anything they wish to reconnect with their authentic inner self, and to engage from that space with confidence, openness, and passion.

You’ve come to the right place. You’re in good hands; I can help.

I’ve made a lifelong study of intimacy and sexuality, inside and outside the classroom, including a 25 year career working in the field of erotic arts. I'm a certified sexuality counselor and certified intuitive intimacy coach with extensive professional training in sexuality and sexual health. I’m also a 25 year recovered addict/alcoholic and published writer & book author of addiction memoir Rock Monster: My Life with Joe Walsh (Rare Bird Books, 2018).

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