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Business Coach, Career Coach, Dating Coach, Relationship Coach

About Kristin Baker

Kristin Baker Coaching serves individual clients and works with group training in the following areas: career, life, organizational, and executive coaching.  Though many of Kristin’s clients come from all areas of Illinois, geography does not preclude working with her; her national and international clients benefit just as much from her coaching services as clients she meets face-to-face. Coaching sessions may be conducted in person or through phone and email sessions at your convenience.

Kristin’s clear passion for her clients’ success is evident in your first conversation with her, where she instills the utmost enthusiasm in you, sparking ambition that you may have never thought you had. Kristin previously worked as a paralegal for 26 years and has her Masters in Psychology in addition to her certification in Neurolinguistic Programming (NPL) coaching training, a study of how the mind processes language.

“I do believe in the greatness of everyone. I won’t give up on someone.” ~ Kristin Baker

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