Communication Problems, Couples/Marital Issues, Engagement, Life Management, Life Transitions, Marriage, Midlife Crisis, Parenting, Relationships, Stress Management, Time Management, Wellness



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Career Coach, Family Coach, Mentor, Parenting Coach, Personal Development Coach

About Kristen Bentley

Kristen is a gentle Leader and Coach with surprising strength, tenacity and compassionate insight. She creates energizing conversation to push the limits of what people, families and organizations think they know.

After owning and operating a successful Optometry business for 16 years, married for 20 and raising 3 boys, she recognizes, through Coaching and Leadership Training & Development, what it really means and what it really takes (from the inside out) to live a whole life congruent with oneself and to lead and create environments for others to do the same.

She firmly believes that we are all unique, individual human beings and having supportive, compassionate, empowering partners to assist us in gaining clarity on what it is to be congruent with oneself, creates thriving individuals, businesses and homes.

Now an International Facilitator/Trainer and Faculty for the largest, global in-person coach training school, The Coaches Training Institute, and owner of her own boutique Coaching and Leadership company, Kristen is particularly passionate about working with people that decide that it is their responsibility to create the future success of their business, families and their life.

She uses an integrative and humanistic approach in her work to leave a footprint of transformational change that is authentic, relevant, innovative and sustainable. Her work is deeply inspired and influenced by several bodies of work and thought leaders in the industry of Coaching, Leadership, Human Behavior & Development. 

Kristen's clients value the combination of her soft and yet direct approach in her coaching and training. Her clients come from a range of industries including, but not exclusive to, healthcare. What they have in common is a desire to intentionally leave a footprint and legacy that is important to them in all key areas of their life and to support others to do the same. They also recognize that this is Leadership in its greatest sense.

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