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Counselor/Therapist, Dating Coach, Life Coach, Marriage/Couples Counselor

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You know this is the relationship you want forever; in fact, you’ve taken important steps to further your connection.  Recently you have become engaged, married, moved in together, bought a house, decided to have a baby or committed yourselves more fully to each other in some way.  Now you want to protect your happiness.  You want to build a strong foundation to ensure your relationship can weather the stresses of life.  You buy insurance for your home, car, health, and life, why not do so for your relationship?  

Relationships are what make us human and rewarding relationships make life wonderful.  Real lifelong love is not just a fairy tale; it is about learning simple skills that allow you to truly cherish who and what you have for a lifetime.  The best time to learn those skills are when you are happy, open to new things, and working together to create something beautiful.  Protect the wonder you have now through coaching with Kim.

About Kim Leatherdale

You want an expert relationship guide, and I am known as the Happy Couple Expert. 

With me you get an unpretentious person with a sense of humor who helps couples understand how to make lifelong love a reality, not just a fairy tale.  You'll find the skills I teach to be personal, inspiring and fun.

Couples and individuals come to me for cutting edge online and phone coaching as well as traditional in-office sessions.  Clients as widely spaced as Singapore and the East coast of the USA benefit from working with me.

I love seeing couples make a connection, enjoy learning something new, and build a great future together.  I am happy helping people- it is what I do, and people tell me I’m good at it.

When you hire me as your commitment coach, you’ll get someone trained in counseling; therefore, someone with a strong foundation to be a coach. You get a seasoned listener who understands people and respects ethics, confidentiality, and the life you lead. Additionally, you have a coach who is creative (trained in art) and versed in a variety of ways to protect your happily ever after relationship.

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece."     -John Ruskin

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