4 Important Areas Of Focus To Jump-Start Each Day

Start the day feeling fresh, energized and prepared to launch into empowerment!

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Our morning routine can do one of two things:

  • It can set us up for an energetic and productive day OR
  • It can do the exact opposite. 

Over the years, I have adopted a daily practice that activates the four components of every aspect of my life. It took me many years to develop my routine, so my advice is if you don't have one at all, you have one that is not supporting you at the highest level, or you would like to expand and grow the positive practices you already have, then know that it is a process. We would all like to make giant leaps into success, but more often than not we must approach any shift in lifestyle in small increments.


Each of the components of my daily practice incites the production of key neurotransmitters in my brain, which then signal my entire body to feel good. I start the day feeling fresh, energized and prepared to launch myself with confidence, not drag myself, into the day.

Here are some examples from my daily practices. Feel free to mix up the order as best serves you:

Meditation: I like to start in the silence. I love my morning Americano and try to limit myself to only one before I meditate. The monkey mind loves that little dose of caffeine and it can be very distracting. Prayer, intention setting, affirmations, Golden Key phrases or even a prayer from childhood can “come in” during this time.


Reading: I have several books and a monthly magazine of daily guides. Some are not set up as a daily, but have very short 1 or 2-page "lessons." This can sometimes lead to writing or journaling.

Exercise: My intention is to exercise at least five days a week. I have a very good naturopath friend who claims that “we only need to exercise on the days we intend to eat.” Take that in however it works for you, but we all know that motion is important to staying healthy. One of the best ways to forestall the aging process is to continue to build and support lean muscle tissue throughout our lives. 

Nourishment: Of course, I start every day with a shake - guess which one? But the key here is to be sure to get balanced nutrition into your system early in your day. My preference is after my work out, but some prefer the metabolic support of having their shake first. Either way works. I drink two 8-ounce glasses of water before my shake or breakfast.

The four components I mentioned above are the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical pieces of every aspect of our daily lives. My morning practice feeds every one of them, and in most instances, each piece of my practice overlaps into feeding two or more components. This morning routine might take me 30 minutes, or it might take 90 minutes, depending on what I have to give it every day. I am very clear, however, that I must design my day around my daily practice, not the other way around. I am not always successful in fulfilling that clarity. How I feel and show up in the rest of my day is always a function of giving it my best shot.


I advise everyone to start small. If you find it difficult to spare more than 10 or 15 minutes, then give it that time. Work your way up gradually. You will find yourself feeling more refreshed and awake with a little less sleep and a little more mindful awakening. Your best self is always going to require choice. Choose wisely.