3 Easy Ways To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed And Get What You Want

Short, sweet, and to the powerfully revitalizing point!

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Although the word "overwhelm" is purely a verb describing action that happens to something or someone, it is quickly finding it's way into daily conversation as a noun indicating an actual state of being continuously stressed — a state of emotional overload.

And as this state of "overwhelm" shows its face as a new (unwanted) norm, you need some rock solid confidence-builders sprinkled into each of your days in order to make sure you keep your chin up.


Otherwise, you're building a future on a shaky foundation that simply will not be able to support your beautiful dreams and desires

I know you don’t want to be on medication, sitting around discussing your ailments, and finding yourself unable to fit into the clothing size you prefer to wear, right?   

Let’s focus on what you DO want instead.

  • You want to feel free, like you can breathe and have time to yourself without feeling guilty about it.
  • You want to connect to your inner power so you can confidently make decisions that align with your values so you feel good about yourself.
  • You want to feel loved, as if your heart continues to expand and can never ever be broken.

Those are better than meds, illness, and diets — for sure!


Here’s the key to having those things you want ...

You absolutely MUST cultivate a good, healthy relationship with yourself.

That’s where core confidence comes from. It’s an unshakable belief in yourself.

Your self-relationship is the only way to truly breathe freely, tap into your inner power, and develop unconditional self-love that creates a sturdy foundation on which all your other relationships are built.

I’m going to give you something simple to do so you can start feeling better right away. 

Take a break.

Since you need to begin honoring yourself as the valuable woman you are (even if you’re not feeling that way just yet), start taking a break even when you don’t think you need one.


Take breaks even when you have too much to do — because you deserve them, not because you need a bio break or cup refill. 

Here are 3 positive, empowering daily practices to do on your quick, 5 to 10 minute "me-time" breaks.

1. Write down three positive emotions you want to feel that same day, such as gratitude, love, and confidence.

This gives a direct order to your subconscious mind to find things in your day that elicit those emotions. It you don’t get specific about what you want, it’s like going into a restaurant and just ordering “lunch,” then waiting to see what shows up! 

It’s time to create your life deliberately.


2. Take some slow, deep breaths as you visualize yourself exhaling negative emotions and inhaling purifying white light as it flows throughout your entire body.

Clear out any junky emotions that don’t empower you to feel strong and confident through the breath you expel, and, as you inhale deeply, picture this clean white light covering the outside of your being like a candy coating which repels negative energy while magnifying the positive contained inside. (Practice will make you better at this.)

3. Think of something you are grateful for (anything: good hair day, sunshine, life) and focus completely on your positive feelings for 17 seconds. 


Feeling (instead of just thinking) positive emotions raises your energetic vibration to a higher frequency — and since you get back what you put out, it’s best to send out the good stuff. 

Bonus Tip: Most overwhelm is created by saying, “Yes,” automatically in order to gain acceptance. Start thinking before making yes or no decisions. Saying, “Let me think about it,” or “I’ll get back to you,” allows you time to evaluate before answering. You may find you’ve been accepting responsibility that belongs to someone else, and depriving them of lessons they’ll need for their own future. 

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