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Is Faith Enough To Restore Happiness After Trauma?

Your mindset about life, death and loss has everything to do with how you bounce back to happiness after a traumatic experience. It is absolutely possible to learn how to be happy again (or for the first time) if you have yet to feel that enthusiasm for your life.

I've found that those who have a spiritual connection are better able to endure traumatic experiences, such as divorce, death, illness, etc. without being dragged too far down by them. When there is belief in something bigger than yourself, everything makes more sense and you realize there are valid reasons for loss. You are able to see what opportunities there are in your new life instead of seeing a breakup or tragic situation as insurmountable.

For example, when you believe your loved ones who leave this earth before you are going somewhere happy and peaceful (where they are healthy and whole) the mourning you do is because you will miss them for a while. But if your perspective is that you will be reunited and they are watching over you, you will be able to overcome your pain and live out your life with joy until you see them again.

Spiritual doesn't necessarily mean religious, but it can. An example of this is the tragic story of a family killed in Texas recently. The positive, loving attitude of the surviving daughter, Cassidy, has won her the admiration of many who see her as confident and strong. She has faith in the fact that her family is safe and loved and happy, so she can be, too. 

Jim Carrey once said, "Hope walks through the fire and faith leaps over it." Most people hope things are going to be okay and often feel guilty for any happiness they experience after a loss. But those with faith get to happiness quicker without the guilt and additional trauma of self-judgment.

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