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25 years +


Joondalup WA 6027 - Australia



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Author, Energy Healer, Life Coach, Spiritual Coach

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The power of change is in your hands

About Kaye Doran

Personal leadership is the leadership of the self. The ability to define your true direction in life, and to move in that direction with consistency and clarity.

You lead from the inside out. My business name Inner Expressions is a reflection of this.

Kaye is an entrepreneur, facilitator, speaker, women’s leadership and life coach, shamanic healer and creator of Inner Expressions, helping women realize their leadership from within. An unshakeable optimist, she lives with a foot in both worlds – physical and spiritual, working with her unique blend of gifts in connection, knowing, shamanic energy sound healing and accredited master life coaching.  She empowers women with self-worth and the ability to create change. Supporting them to feel and know their inner power moving them beyond their comfort zone and back into the driver’s seat of their life.  She has been working with women for three decades – and working on herself longer.  Her motto is “the power of change is in your hands.”

I have been working with women for nearly 30 years and working on myself for longer. I am a continual work in progress and always will be. However, I am not going to go on and on about myself because my focus and passion is all about supporting you in moving beyond the threshold of what has been holding you back; so that you can move into the next level of your personal and professional leadership.

I love to work with motivated women who are committed and ready for change. Courageous women who are tired of getting so far and then finding themselves back within their same old familiar safety zone. I say courageous because that is what it takes. The courage and determination to stretch yourself beyond where you have gone before by confronting what has been hiding within the shadows, keeping you from achieving what you know is calling you. A better relationship, grow your business, grow yourself or change your job. The process is all the same.

You are a magnificent unique individual and I will treat you as such. You will find me to be unconditional, non-judgemental and yet direct because that is what you will need if you are to get past the old threshold and into the new future with new results. I have been there myself and will find myself there again. Why? Because that is the cycle of stretching oneself and growth. This is my passion and purpose in life, to do the journey myself and extend the hand of experience and expertise to you.

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