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Ft Worth TX 76109 - United States



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Marriage and Family Therapist, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Speaker/Presenter

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"Life isn't about finding yourself; life is a about creating yourself."

About Kathryn Foster

Kathryn Foster, Ph.D., is a psychologist in private practice in Ft Worth, Texas. With a master’s degree in marriage and family counseling and a Ph.D. in psychology, she has practiced psychotherapy for 27 years. She's written a ground-breaking book on the neuroscience of romance, called The Naked Truth About Men (And Romance). If you're a woman and your relationship feels frustrating or painful, the book will give you insight. 

To enhance your romance, read What Women Want...Really! It's a pocketbook guide, complete with discussion questions, written with guys in mind but meant to be read by couples. When Your Relationship Changes: A Woman’s Journey helps those going through a breakup. A psychologist's voice guides you gently through the change, helping you see divorce in a new way. 

She is also the author of two novels, written for people with psychological interests. One is Sessions: Memoirs of a Psychotherapist. If you've ever wanted to be a fly on a wall in therapy sessions, here's your chance. As one reviewer wrote "the suspenseful undercurrent with Michael keeps us turning pages with fervor." The second is Finding My Way, described by reviewers as "a sensual delight," "an inspiring story of a life lived well," and "the story brilliantly demonstrates that where there is great Love, there are always miracles." 

You are invited to become a part of her free newsletter at www.booksbykathrynfosterphd.com.

Dr. Foster could also be described as a pretty good yogi, a Latin and country western dancer, frequent radio show guest,  explorer of natural healing methods, and instigator of  lively family events, ("Seriously, you're the Easter Bunny?"). 

She has a new book coming out this summer called Past Lives

Kathryn Foster Success Stories

Kathryn Foster, Ph.D.

"OMG! The Naked Truth About Men (and Romance) is an amazing book about the realities of the differences between men and women." --Barb Borschardtmore

"When Your Relationship Changes gives countless people permission to be human, freedom from dogma, a prescription for healing; normalizes the real challenges of evolving partnerships and deconstructs many of our cultural Rom-Com (romantic comedy) myths."—Carla Garber, Ph.D., LPC  

"In my over 45 years in private practice, I have seldom if ever been so engaged in reading a book on psychotherapy.  Sessions:  Memoirs of a Psychotherapist gets inside both the patients' and therapist's heads in a way that is both touching and insightful." --Dr. Jim Linden

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