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Family Coach, Psychiatrist/MD, Psychotherapist, Spiritual Coach

About Kathleen Friend MD

Dr. Kathleen Friend is a Child Psychiatrist, children's book author of The Greatness Chair, and Heart Rhythm Meditation teacher commited to bringing out the best in children,  parents, caregivers and teachers through the principles of positive psychology, spiritual growth and trauma informed practice. As an advanced trainer of the Nurtured Heart Aproach, she  provides trainings to schools, parents, mental health agencies, or to anyone committed to brigning out the best in childlren. She has been a psychiatrist for close to 30 years and has experince with all age groups in private practice and commiunitty mental health .

"I explored many new facets of healing over the past 10 years and now have a wide view that encompasses body, mind and spirit. My only wish is to open the heart of humanity to bring more love, harmony and beauty to our challenging world. I believe we can do this best by helping children each see their unique greatness so they are capable of bringing their best selves forward. "

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