5 Benefits Of Mindfulness Practice

Live your life from solid ground and get out of the tailspin of overwhelm and anxiety...


We are hearing more and more about mindfulnessSounds good, let's get some of that, but what is it really? Here's my definition: Mindfulness is a deep acceptance of the moment as it is, without needing to change or fix it, without liking or disliking it, without reacting. Just clear awareness without distortion.

This is not a passive approach by any means. It is a powerful place of choice and clarity. How might that serve you in different areas of your life? By learning and practicing your own daily mindfulness ritual, you can catch negative thought patterns before they affect your mood and behaviors. Create your own ritual or follow my mental fitness regimen consistently to acheive the following benefits:


1. Reduce Anxiety: Daily centering cultivates a peaceful, clear state of mind. This state reveals amazing truths that will define the source of anxiety and the course of action needed. Seeing this will make things feel more manageable.

2. Broaden Perspective: Mindfulness practice allows the dust to settle and other options to emerge. How helpful might it be to consider another point of view?

3. Stop Reactiveness: Learning to create a space between intake and output gives us an advantage of really choosing from a selection of responses which would yield a preferred result. How might that serve you?


4. Self-acceptance: This is ultimately the goal here. A bit of a journey but priceless. In stillness we can hear our own voice, connect with our core beliefs and honor our needs.

5. Smile From Within: How might it be to not have to explain yourself? This is the beginning of the best relationship you'll ever have: the one with yourself. Enjoy!

Mental Training: You go to the gym for the body, now let's look at the inside. Start with a simple daily centering practice which can take as little as 15 minutes, preferably twice a day and build it up from there. Visit my page for techniques on creating your own ritual. You will find the benefits will transpire throughout many aspects of your day, slowly improving the quality of your life.

MENTAL FITNESS: Working From The Inside Out


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