How Passion Can Harm Your Love Life

How Passion Can Harm Your Love Life [EXPERT]

A recent CNN article claims that following your passion is bad advice when it comes to your career. The same is true for love.

Passion is great. I would argue it's a requirement in a relationship. Who wants to be with someone who is just plain vanilla? You need some spice. But, when you allow chemistry to be the deciding factor in a relationship, you end up miserable. Here are three reasons why:

1. Passion makes you crazy. That initial honeymoon period when you first start dating someone is a self induced form of insanity. Think about the last time you fell in love. You could think of nothing else but spending time with that person. You didn't need to eat or sleep.

Remember all those late night conversations that lasted until the early hours of the morning and then you went to work the next day like you got a great nights sleep? You were actually high on love. From a scientific standpoint, it is the equivalent to being high on cocaine.

People on drugs don't make good decisions and neither do people in love. You are actually out of your mind in the first few months of a relationship. Therefore, you are completely incapable of making sound decisions. 3 Steps To Spice Up Your Long-Term Relationship

Sure, it is fun and exciting because you're high. What's not fun about that? But, because you aren't thinking straight, you might miss or simply ignore so major red flags. When you come out of your dopamine induced haze in six months, you will wonder what the heck you were thinking. Well, you weren't thinking so that pretty much explains it.

2. You lose sight of what's important. If you're looking for a stable long term relationship, there are other important qualities, in addition to passion, that you need to consider when choosing your mate. If you are caught up in the excitement of your newly budding relationship, you can easily lose sight of what is really important. 13 Steps To Perfect Passion

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