3 Helpful Tips For Finding A Healthy Relationship

Looking for love in all the wrong places.


Do you find you're attracted to men who you just know are not good for you? Do you find yourself with men that do not treat you with the love and respect you know you deserve but don't seem to get? Do you find yourself afraid of being single and alone? Do find you continually settle for second best?

If this is you, then I want you to know there is another way.

1. Focus, reflect and understand yourself.


It's important to understand why we accept less than what is truly ok. Many times we don't feel great about ourselves, we may feel we are lacking in some way or just not good enough. We then treat ourselves and accept behavior from others according to these beliefs, which adds to feelings of worthlessness.

2. Think about the relationship you want.

Take time to feel into what you want in a relationship. How do you want to be treated? What qualities do you value in another person? To develop a great relationship with another it's really important to have a solid foundation from which to grow, one that you can actually start to build on even before you meet Mr. Right. How is this possible?


You need to start with yourself. By building an awesome internal relationship, treating yourself gently with love and kindness, making self-loving choices, honoring your feelings and developing a daily rhythm and routine you can begin to improve your feelings of self-worth. If you start to treat yourself in the way you expect to be treated by others then you will naturally accept no less.

3. Analyze the relationships of your past and present.

It's also a great exercise to reflect on your current relationships with family and friends. Do you feel free to express when and how you need to? Or do you find yourself holding back and then becoming resentful, exhibiting a passive aggressive type behavior? How you behave with those closest to you is very revealing of how you see yourself and what it is you need to work on.

The truth is we are all amazing and gorgeous beings but many times we make choices or behave in ways that do not align with this fact and therefore live in a way that is less than who we truly are. By taking time to work on your relationship with yourself you can begin to let go of what is not true. This will reveal the naturally joyful, vibrant and powerful version of yourself, which will become a magnet to the same kind of energy in others.