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The best love is the kind that awakens the soul...

About Kanya Daley

The best kind of love awakens the soul…

Did you just spend the holidays trying to explain to your family why you’re still single? Maybe you’re beginning to worry that you will never meet the right person, never create the relationship you've been imagining for years? It can be difficult to talk to family and friends who just don’t understand the loneliness, frustration, and fear you are experiencing.  Your feelings are real and you aren’t alone.

Getting to Know Yourself More Deeply

First, I help women begin by creating amazing, loving relationships with themselves. You will never attract a deeply loving man until you feel worthy of that kind of love. Not just worthy in your thoughts but worthy in terms of how you treat yourself and what you allow in you life.

Next, we identify the relationship stage that stops you and help you master that stage. In Chapters 5 and 6 of my latest e-book, I identify the four relationship stages and explain why each stage is vital to creating a loving, secure relationship.

Along the way you’ll discover how men and women differ in communication and expression of feelings. Once you understand these differences you can immediately improve and deepen your relationships with all the men in your life. 

Getting to Know Him More Deeply

Everyone knows that love and attraction are vital in a relationship but few women understand what makes a man feel ready to commit. We look to men to take care of us in some ways and imagine that they need the same from us. In reality, men need something very different. Men open their hearts to us when we learn to listen deeply and respond lovingly. This is different than what most women have learned to do which is why I teach women how to do it. I’ve seen relationships change overnight when women learn to create safety in the relationship and I can help you do the same.

Call me to schedule your Attract Your Soul Mate Now session and learn more about finding and keeping love in my new e-book.

Kanya is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Private Practice in Paoli, Pennsylvania. She is a highly sought after Relationship Expert and author whose work has been syndicated by the Huffington Post and Fox News Magazine. Kanya specializes in coaching single women who are ready to create meaningful relationships and helping couples deepen their levels of intimacy and closeness. Find out more about Kanya and download her new e-book for women.

Kanya Daley Success Stories

Dealing With Her Inner Bully

Single women

Diane is an amazing woman. She is smart, successful, funny, and has a great group os supportive friends. Everyone thinks she is amazing with the exception of one person – herself. Diane grew up with parents who thought that it would help their children grow if they pointed out their flaws. Diane, who is very sensitive, internalized these voices and when she began seeing me a few months ago her inner critic was running the show.more

On a day to day basis Diane was critical to herself but when she was having a difficult day or was feeling tired her inner bully would become very vocal. The inner bully would spend hours telling Diane what was wrong with her and why she would never have the things she dreamed of having; a better job, a wonderful realtionship, a kind and supportive family.

With my help Diane realized that she bullied herself simply because she had learned to do that when she was having a bad day. As she was able to see that what she really needed when she was feeling down was love and support the inner conversation began to change. At first the changes were subtle but after a few weeks of paying attention the inner conversations really changed and her voice become kind and supportive.

Diane's depression, which she had experienced since she was a child, began to evaporate. Small things began to make her happy and people started to notice how different she seemed. As Diane became happier and more available, more people began to notice her. Men began to notice her and after years of not dating, Diane started to date again. Unlike past relationships, Diane was attracting men who really respected her. It wasn't long before she met Al, her boyfriend. Diane hardly recognizes herself compared to who she used to be and how she used to feel.

If you want to learn more about yourself and create an amazing relationship start by downloading my e-book 4 Secrets to Dating That Will Change Your Life! You can also download out my free report 5 Marriage Myths that Could Be Damaging Your Relationship.


Happy Again After Divorce


A few years ago I began working with Sarah. She was in a marriage that she knew she would need to end in order to discover her true self. This was a confusing time for Sarah. Her husband didn't understand her and her family and friends were shocked that she was considering ending her marriage.more

She grapples with the difficult questions related to honoring her committment and learning to distinguish the various parts of herself. In the end she decided to divorce and spent the next 3 years dealing with what turned out to be an overly complicated divorce. While it was painful, Sarah's decision to end the marriage was confirmed everytime her ex did something to make her life more difficult.

Sarah was amazing in how she handled the situation. She stayed with therapy and used the situation to learn more about herself. When the marriage was finally over Sarah was a completely different person. She trusted herself and her decisions. She knew the kind of man she wanted to meet and wasn't willing to settle for less.

About a year after her divorce she met an amazing man. She trusted herself through the stages of dating while she and Steve got to know each other and learned how to communicate openly and honestly. After dating for a year they were ready to move to a deeper level of committment and got engaged on their anniversary. Last summer they were married surrounded by family and friends.

If you want to learn more about yourself and create an amazing relationship start by downloading my e-book 4 Secrets to Dating That Will Change Your Life! You can also download out my report 5 Marriage Myths that Could Be Damaging Your Relationship.






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