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About Julie Nise

If your thoughts, behaviors or emotions aren't DIRECTLY connected to the future and what you want to create next, they are simply irrelevant.

Finally. A completely different way of fixing your relationship that doesn't go into the past. It's called training.

Crazy, right? Well it turns out that you don't need to analyze every bad thing that happened to you, cough up all that childhood junk, and relive every painful emotion you ever felt. That actually makes things worse. And, you know that if you've been down the traditional routes of getting help.

What needs to happen is that you learn the lessons of your past, (there are no mistakes in life - only feedback you learn from) and take those positive learnings forward with you in ways that will help.  You're not suposed to drag along the resentment and hurt feelings. And it doesn't need to take a long time to make big improvements if you want to, and you learn how.

"We haven't had ONE SINGLE ARGUMENT since we started seeing you! I don't understand how Susan could turn off that endless faucet of guilt and resentment towards me, just like that. She hasn't brought up one piece of negative crap from the past. Thanks a million!! Thus far, you've saved our marriage and lots of emotional scarring on our kids."  J.D.  Manager

"I had reached the end of my rope. I didn't believe hope existed to save my marriage of 10 years. Our marriage healed and is stronger than I ever imagined."   K.K.  Physician's Assitant

"Within minutes of our first meeting, I felt hopeful that we could have a marriage filled with happiness...that we are both proud of."  E.T.  NASA Contractor

Couples can do amazing things when they take barriers out of the way of their closeness and connection, and the biggest barriers are often perspectives and beliefs that either aren't accurate or not useful. My job is to interrupt the destructive patterns couples get in and give them better ones. I also beleive strongly that to change the future, you have to put your awareness on the future.

Let me be clear, although the folks in this training have said some nice things about me, they alone took repsonisibility for making changes, they took action on the suggstions given, they did all the work, and THEY deserve all the credit. 

"Words cannot express how much Luis and I appreciate what you've done. Our marriage and family are everything to us. You taught us so much and we use those tools. You saved our marriage... you saved our family. Our children are grateful as well because you helped keep thier parrents together and happy. We will celebrate our 11th anniversary Saturday!" S.M.  Wife

"She quickly helped me pinpoint the issues I needed to fix...the improvement in myself has been amazing. I am very thankful." M.G.   Chemical Inspector

I am very honored to share the experience of change that rekindles romance, strengthens family bonds, and makes people happy.

My proudest accomplishment is that I am happily married (!) to a wonderful former Naval Aviator and we live outside Houston, Texas.  My background is that I spent 20 years in corporate America selling high-tech medical devices in sales and sales management before switching careers mid-life and becoming a licensed marriage & family therapist. I hold two licenses here in Texas, but happily found hypnosis, NLP, and my own mentor, and started my real education in human change.  As my faith-based clinic became larger and the number of people I saw grew to several thousand, I began to see the patterns and places where people get stuck.  It's an incredible blessing to be of assistance to people who want so much ot make thier lives and their marriages better. I feel like I stopped "going to work" a long time ago - and if I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd still get up and go do what I'm doing.

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