A Permanent Weight Loss Tip From Rosie O'Donnell!

Have you ever lost weight but gained it all back? Well, Rosie's ready to teach you!


Have you lost weight only to regain it all back, plus more? I know how frustrating that feels! The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way. Permanent weight loss and a better bill of health can be yours as long as you do what is required to get it. But the requirements are not what you think they are!

If you're like most, you think weight loss is only about diet and exercise. Surprisingly, that's only 10 percent of the solution, if the result you want is struggle-free, permanent success with your weight!


Ninety percent of the permanent weight loss solution is a weight loss mindset. Yes! That's right. Your mind leads your body and your mindset today is either making it super simple for you to drop the fat and keep it off permanently, OR it's fighting you tooth and nail to maintain the status quo, no matter how painful that may be.

There are several ingredients that go into a winning weight loss mindset, which seem simple when put together in a proven program to success, and Rosie O'Donnell unknowingly touched on one of these ingredients when speaking about her 50 pound weight loss in a recent ET interview.


During Rosie's interview with Entertainment Tonight, the interviewer said to Rosie, "I don't recognize this new woman right here!" to which Rosie replied, "I don't either really, I still pick the wrong size clothes when I go shopping."

Rosie said that she still picks XL clothing even though she's 50 pounds lighter and the XL won't fit her today!

Here's the permanent weight loss tip you can learn from Rosie: Her Inner Self's Image is still overweight. How I know this to be true is by what she said (looking for XL clothing, which is what she used to wear). Sure, it's easy for me to hear this because it's what I do for a living, and what's really great about this is that you are now learning from Rosie in an unexpected way!

As long as Rosie changes her overweight Inner Self Image to match the body she now has on the outside, then she'll have an easier time keeping the 50 pounds off. If she does not change it however, then eventually she will regain the weight. This is simply how the brain works and it's also Universal Law: The inner and the outer always match.


This is why it's so very easy to lose weight and keep it off once you have a core, solid, weight loss mindset. When you become fit, slender, healthy and trim on the inside, then it's struggle-free to do all of the things you already know how to do (healthy eating and exercise) on the outside! This is also why my coaching clients achieve the outstanding success that they do.

After doing the proven steps of The Inner Self Diet they are able to live a healthy lifestyle without struggle, and finally achieve permanent success with their weight. They achieve these results even after a lifetime filled with years of therapy and every diet known to mankind, none of which gave them the core shift on the inside that they truly needed to succeed long term.

Permanent weight loss tip: If you have lost weight but you still see yourself as fat then this is a clue that you need to transform your mindset asap. Pay attention to the words you say for clues to the state of your mindset. To take the fast route to permanent weight loss, hire a professional weight loss mindset expert to mentor you to the mindset that will ensure you keep off the weight you release.


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