Hate Your Muffin Top? Buy Jeans That Fit And Watch The Magic Happen!

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Improve Your Body Image — Jeans That Fit Mean NO Muffin Top!

Having a muffin top doesn't help you feel great about yourself, does it? So let's take a look at how to ZAP that muffin top in 5 minutes!

But first, I just want you to know that you are NOT the only one struggling to lose weight and keep it off so that you don't have the muffin top problem.

According to the CDC there are 78.6 MILLION adults in the USA today who are verified obese or overweight.

Just because that's a fact, you probably don't want to stay in that camp with all the rest of them, right? My coaching clients have decided not to stay there either. That's why they hire me to help them move out of that struggle in 8 weeks or less so that they can have a struggle-free time losing weight and keeping it off forever. My proven coaching system because it works from the inside out. When you lose weight from the inside out not only will you be done with muffin top forever, but also you won't gain the weight back. 

But right now what we're looking at is how to zap that muffin top in 5 minutes. So let's get to it!

WARNING: You might not like the solution for how to zap that muffin top in 5 minutes and I'll tell you why that is, too.

But how do you do it? Here's How to lose your muffin top in five minutes: Go to the mall and buy a pair of pants that fits you right now at the weight you are at today.

That's it! This is exactly how to zap that muffin top in 5 minutes.

Yes, I realize this is super simple, but notice how you feel right now to even consider doing this. Notice how much fear you have and how much resistance you have to this simple solution that really works. It really will zap that muffin top in 5 minutes because you won't have a muffin top when you're wearing pants that fit you at the weight you are today.

But there's a much deeper problem here and my permanent weight loss coaching clients experience the same problem with the same fears. The common fear is "If I wear pants that fit me today then I'll never lose weight. I'll get comfortable and gain MORE weight and then have a muffin top again and keep buying bigger pants. Therefore I'm going to keep wearing pants that are too small and have a muffin top".

But keeping your muffin top by staying in your too small pants won't help you lose weight and keep it off.  

Here's why: Keeping your muffin top won't help you lose weight — ever.

Notice how you feel about yourself and your body when you're wearing pants that are too small with your muffin top on top. Do you feel sexy, fit, and fabulous? If you're like my coaching clients before they meet me the answer to that question is a big NO.

And here's a bigger problem with this situation. In this Universe we all live in, whatever you focus upon expands. It gets bigger.

When you stay in your too-small pants and live in a body you hate, when you keep living with body shame, and when you stay in an overweight space, your main focus is on how bad you feel, how fat you feel, and how frustrated you are with yourself that you can't stop eating but you want to lose weight.

Whew! That's a LOT of focus on what you don't want and what you don't like. Since whatever you focus upon expands, what you'll get more of in your life is more frustration and more overweight. You won't be able to help it because you can't help but notice how bad you feel when your pants are too tight.

Instead, focus on what you want in order to get more of it.

You have to deliberately change your focus to what you want instead of what you don't want.

An easy way to do this with your body is to deliberately take action to help yourself feel better in your body right now, hence the simple step of buying a pair of pants that fit you today so that you can zap the muffin top and feel a little better right now.

I realize this is completely the opposite of what you've always done and what everyone you know is doing, but if what you were doing now was helping you to lose weight permanently, then wouldn't it be working?

And yes, if you're thinking there must be more steps to permanent weight loss than just buying a pair of pants that helps you feel better in your body today, you're right. But this is just one article and I work with my coaching clients personally for 12 weeks. You can absolutely take action ow  one simple steps to zap your muffin top in 5 minutes today, right?

You're right! You can!

The most important thing to remember is WHY you're buying a pair of pants that fits you today — not just to zap your muffin top in 5 minutes, but to start feeling a just little better in your own body right now.

And hey, if nothing else, you have an excuse to go shopping today. 

So get out there and start feeling better NOW in the body you have, while you move towards losing weight and keeping it off forever (yes, they go hand in hand!).

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