This Damaging Mindset Keeps You And Your Life Over-Weight

Stop letting it hold you back from losing weight and gaining your dream life!

This Damaging Mind-Set Keeps You From Loving Yourself weheartit

With so many millions of smart women struggling to lose weight and keep it off, the problem is that there's more to the problem than finding a new diet to follow.

After all, if a healthy diet and exercise program were really the only solution, why would anyone be overweight, right? Anyone can go to their public library and get the deets on how to eat healthy and exercise regularly, so clearly that information alone isn't enough to solve the problem.

The real solution is one that will help you succeed in ANY area of your life.


Because there is one belief far too many of us carry around at all times, and which keeps us deeply stuck not only inside of our extra physical weight, but inside of an overwhelmingly weighty life.

This limiting belief is the statement that echoes inside of our owns minds, whispering to us in our most difficult times, "I'm not good enough."

If there's just ONE Belief you want to make sure you eradicate from your thoughts forever, it's this one. This belief not only prevents you from achieving the full success you desire with your body, your weight and your fitness, but it stops you from really GOING FOR IT in every other area of your life as well. Unfortunately, this has become a common problem many people struggle with each and every day.


In fact, the feeling that "I'm not good enough" is the MOST limiting belief humans have in common.

Much of this stems from our habit of comparing ourselves to other people.

Here are 4 things you can begin right NOW in order to break free of the bondage that comes from believing you're not good enough.


1. Stop Comparing yourself to ANYONE else on the planet.

Yes! Just Stop It! Right now. Going forward, compare yourself ONLY to you and where you personally have been. Allow No Other Person, no celebrity, no one you work with, no friends (and no enemies!) to be what you compare yourself to. 

2. Make it a point to decide on YOUR goals for your body, for your fitness, for your weight and for your life.

Then, move forward with these own goals in mind. Leave EVERYONE ELSE out of the equation.

3. Actively take notice of how often the thought that you're not good enough pops up for you.

As you become are aware of this habitual fall back and the situations or experiences that trigger it for you, challenge it. When you hear that little voice tell you you're not good enough, ask it, "Who says?!" Don't allow "I'm not good enough" to stop you any longer. 


4. Find an accountability partner.

Consistent action is required and accountability is a proven way to ensure you stay consistent. I always recommend hiring a stellar, professional coach to help you quickly and easily manifest the body (and the life!) of your dreams. After all, none of us can see our own blind spots.

The right permanent weight loss coach will be able to see your blind spots that you can't see, show them to you, and coach you out of those blind spots that are stopping you now from losing weight and keeping it off forever. The right permanent weight loss coach will help you move out of those stuck places so achieving your goals becomes super easy, allowing you to move forward in your overall life, business, and relationships. None of these things are fun and easy, after all, when you're laboring under the false belief that you're not good enough.

The fact Is that you ARE good enough to accomplish any desire you have for your life and for your body.


You ARE good enough to lose weight and keep it off forever. You ARE good enough to be thin forever. You ARE good enough to take the time. You ARE good enough to live in the body of your dreams and you ARE good enough to take the time for yourself daily to live a healthy lifestyle. You ARE good enough to attract the man of your dreams. You ARE good enough to have the business of your dreams (or the career of your dreams) and you ARE good enough to life the life of your dreams ... while IN the body of your dreams.

You really can lose weight and keep it off forever. You really can have the relationship of your dreams, and the career of your dreams — but none of these results match up with the belief of, "I'm not good enough," because "I'm not good enough" won't allow you to have the full success you desire. Because if it were true ... you wouldn't be not good enough! 

And you are. You are MORE than good enough.


So it's gotta go. Now. 

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