Why It's GOOD To Be Single When You're Struggling To Lose Weight

Why you're EXACTLY where you need to be.

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So you're not where you want to be with your body.

At the same time, you want to be in a healthy, fit, fun relationship with the man of your dreams — and the longing for that relationship can be a bit painful!

You're single and wanting "that guy" to appear right now. Right?

The thing is, though, is if you're struggling to lose weight and you're not happy where you are right now, then it's really a GOOD thing that you haven't met the man of your dreams yet.


Here's why: If you were to meet him today, he'd match up with where you're at right now.

If he did not match you on the vibe you're giving off today, then he wouldn't be today's man of your dreams and he'd go away.

This is simply how energy works in this Universe we live in. But all is not lost! You can attract the man of your dreams; just not from the place of being unhappy with yourself.


In other words ... if you want to attract a fit, healthy, awesome, amazing man to be in relationship with for all of your days, then you've gotta become fit, healthy, awesome and amazing yourself!

If you're not all that you want to be, honestly and truly, then you're not a match to the relationship you desire.

Don't you want the most amazing relationship of your life?



If you're like me, you don't want to settle for just any ol' guy just so that you can say that you're in a relationship.


You want the most amazing relationship with the man of your dreams. He's got his act together — and he's a perfect match for you once you become your best self, which includes loving the skin that you're in. 

Now just to be clear, I'm not in any way suggesting perfection here.

No person is perfect, not even the best weight loss coach on the planet. I can vouch for this!

Instead, what I'm talking about is the fact that the easiest way to attract the man of your dreams is by becoming the woman of your dreams.

If you do the steps to learn how to love yourself thin, and step into the body of your dreams, then you'll be a match for the kind of man you want to attract.


But if you're struggling with unhealthy eating behaviors and you don't like your body, then are you living as your best self?

Are you a match to that amazing man you want to attract

The good news? There is hope!

The good news is that the struggles of emotional eating, self-sabotage and food addictions can all be healed, and they must be healed in order for you to feel frickin' fantastic about yourself, right?


I mean, how good do you feel about yourself when you keep saying that you want to finally lose that 50 pounds ... but you're not doing it?

That just makes you feel even more frustrated, and that vibration takes you further away from being a match to the relationship you want.

That's why it's a good thing that you're single right now.

Because all you need to do is get into that place where you do feel fantastic about yourself, love your body, and are happy with your weight, your life, your mind and yourself.

Do that now, and then you really will be a match to the kind of man you want to attract.

Then you will be feeling fantastic about yourself, just like your ideal man feels fantastic about himself. 


After all, you want to feel fantastic together, right? 

Wouldn't it be a whole lot easier to live a healthy lifestyle when you live with a man who already has that kind of lifestyle?


Otherwise, it will be a struggle to fight with the candy and cookies your non-ideal man would bring home each day.

That would only serve to make it even harder for you to maintain your ideal body once you reach your ideal weight.

Just another reason to be happy that you're single until you stop struggling with food and your weight!

Now, time to really get down to the business of creating the healthy lifestyle you've always dreamed of...

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