3 Reasons Your Diet Could Be Making You Depressed

It's a weird thing, isn't it? You thought that if you'd get back to a healthy diet and exercise routine that you'd feel better, but instead you feel depressed! What gives?

Before we go any further, please note that I am speaking only of a healthy lifestyle plan when I use the word "diet" in this article. Fad diets and quickie fat loss diets are unsustainable and any of those "miracle fixes" would make anyone feel bad, especially if they are lacking in essential nutrients.

Instead, the word diet in this article refers to eating healthy foods only when physically hungry and stopping when full. Eating clean, to be specific. 

But when you're doing something so wonderful for your body and yourself, why would it make you feel depressed? Self love shouldn't hurt! Instead of just accepting things and learning how to deal with depression, et's take a look!

3 Reasons Your Diet Could Be Making You Depressed

  1. Past Regrets. When you're getting back to healthy eating, if you're thinking about the time you lost eating junk food and the weight you've regained then those thoughts will certainly depress you! 

    The good news is that YOU can choose what you think and you can change your focus to something that feels better at any time.

  1. Past Dieting Failures. This is similar to the previous point except that what you're doing here is focusing only on all of the times you have failed to consistently live a healthy and fit lifestyle. You think about all of the times you have tried to change and then gone back to your old ways, which would of course be depressing to think about.

    What is extremely important to understand is that no diet will ever work for you unless you heal the Inner Self issues that drive your unhealthy behaviors and unsupportive mindset. The reason that 95% of dieters fail is because the reasons WHY they engaged in unhealthy overeating and lifestyle behaviors were never addressed before they forced themselves to diet.

    Since this is a fact (it must be an inside out process if you want to succeed long term), there's no reason to beat yourself up for your past dieting failures! It's not your fault if you've never done the required Inner Self work to heal what has stopped you from success with your weight.

  1. Loss Of A Coping Mechanism/Friend. When you have not addressed what is 90% of the problem for all who overeat and/or are overweight, then you don't have the tools to manage your emotions in a healthy manner.

    Food has been your friend and your main coping mechanism. When you take that away by changing your diet, you're now left with all of the emotions you were stuffing down with the food. Those emotions don't have anywhere to go when they are no longer supressed and this can be overwhelming, which feels depressing!

    The answer to this is the same as above—heal the Root of what drives your unhealthy behaviors on the inside to transform those behaviors on the outside. This is the required Inner Self work, if you are serious about releasing the fat and keeping it off for life. 

Now that you have the answer to why you feel depressed when you change your diet to live a healthy lifestyle, you'll want to focus on healing your Inner Self so that you can get the proper mindset that makes it very easy to live healthy and fit. 

While the physical side of healthy living IS important in order to release the fat from you body and maintain your ideal body for life, that is only 10 percent of the solution. Ninety percent of the solution is the work you do on the inside. Do that successfully and you will have achieved permanent weight loss (just like my awesome coaching clients do)!

To learn more about why you haven't been able to diet with ease, with joy, and without feeling deprived, click here to register for my Free 5-day e-course. It will help you answer the question, "Is Your Mindset Fit or Fat?"

Hint: A Fit Mindset makes it easy to release the fat and keep it off. An F.A.T. Mindset is grounded in Fear Attracting Thoughts, which makes eating a healthy diet super hard to do. A Fat Mindset on the inside matches excess fat on the outside!