The Truth Behind Why It’s So DAMN Hard To Love Your Body

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Why Learning To Love Your Body Is So Hard To Do

If you're an emotional eater, binge eater or compulsive overeater you probably feel irritated when told the words, "Just love your body, sweetie ... you'll be OK!" You want to stop overeating. You want to lose weight.

Quite frankly, you DON'T love your body!

Let's get real about it. You actually hate your body. You hate your fat. You hate your thighs. And you just wish it would all go away. You WANT to be thin, healthy, sexy and fit. Deep down, you believe that if you could be where you want to be, then you would love your body.

But today, you don't.

You DO Need to Love Your Body

Here's the thing — you really DO need to learn how to love your body. NOW. While you are 20, 50, 100 pounds or more overweight. Yes! Seriously, you really do need to love your body right now. So, even though this is extremely irritating to hear, the message is correct.

Why Is It SO Hard to DO?

Since 2009, I have personally coached smart, successful women to struggle-free weight loss in 8 weeks or less and every one of these amazing women did NOT want to love their body when their body was overweight. They could not do this before I coached them. Quite frankly, they didn't want to do it when we first started working together either.

They didn't want to love their body while overweight because they were deathly afraid that if they did love their body, then they would stay fat.

They Were Deathly Afraid They'd Never Lose Weight If They Loved Their Body Now

If you have the same fear, you've got millions of women to keep you company. But hey, do you want to stay in that camp? Here's why it's not a good idea: When you continue to hate your body and hate your fat, that vibration of hate does not go away, even if you get to your goal weight. 

Please read that again: You won't suddenly love your body when it's thin if you hate it now while it's overweight.

The emotional pattern of hating your body is so strong that a lower number on the scale won't break it. This is why there are so many women who look thin but are constantly struggling with themselves, with food, and with their body. They have never healed their inner selves. Therefore, they have never broken the chains of their body hate. Even they feel afraid when they hear the words, "Love Your Body!" because they fear if they love their body that they'll loosen up and get fat (really!).

This is no way to live. Where's the inner peace? Where's the joy? Where's the freedom when you're constantly despising what you live in?

The Way Out is Through

It is true that you need to learn to love your body, even though it scares the heck out of you. Each of my permanent weight loss coaching clients had the same fear. They did not work through this instantly. But as they moved through my proven step-by-step system, they eventually did get the shift. Even while still overweight, each consciously and deliberately moved into the vibration of love for their body. For you too, it's vitally important to get to the place where you genuinely love your body now if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

Take note that to get to the place where you truly do love your body, it can't be just about self-affirmations or "cheerleading yourself" into body love. You have to start where you are — in the muck and the frustration, in the body hate, the body shame, the depression and the fear. You have to walk through it until you are truly are free. 

The way out is through. You won't get there overnight. You CAN absolutely get to the place where you love your body while losing weight. Loving your body now does not mean you will stay overweight. This is the biggest myth about this whole topic. The opposite is true. If you love your body now, it gets easier TO lose weight.

But you have to start now if you want freedom. It won't come by wishing, hoping, or thinking about it. Consistent action will get you to love your body now. Consistent, daily action. Action which goes deep to your subconscious where the problem lives and breathes (this is why no food diet has ever solved your food and weight struggles for good). 

A First Step

A great first step to take is to acknowledge that you don't love your body now, and get OK with that. Allow yourself to Be OK with the fact that you feel hate, maybe even rage towards your body. Get OK with your body shame, your body hate, and your negativity. If you're like most women you've tried to paste a smiley face sticker on it. How has that worked out? Did it make the struggle go away? No.

Beyond this, I highly recommend coaching with the right coach who has the proven system, if you want to get results in the least amount of time possible. If you want to achieve struggle-free weight loss quickly and easily then coaching is the way to go.

In closing, it's true. You need to love your body. But you have to start taking daily action to do this now. It won't happen "someday" if you put this on the back burner while you continue to search for celebrity diet tips and new workouts. Trust me. All the physical actions that are necessary to live a healthy lifestyle (so you can lose weight and keep it off) will be a hundred times easier once you love your body. Start now.

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