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Houston TX 77008 - United States



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Business Coach, Career Coach, Life Coach, Spiritual Coach

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Life is one amazing adventure of discovery about yourself and others.

About Jodi Walker

Since she was a young girl, Jodi has been caring about people and listening to their stories.  She has said that people have always talked to her naturally about their lives. She spent twenty years teaching and counseling all ages and now has been a ” solopreneur” and  Professional Coach since 2008. Over time and study, she has been applying strategies to help people transform their lives.

Her motto for life has always been they do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care. First and foremost, Jodi has a genuine love for people and it shows when you meet her. She has never met a stranger and she will go the extra mile to help you.  The bottom line is she wants to make a difference and she will find the solutions and people to help you do just that.

Jodi Walker earned her Counseling degree in 1999 and her Doctorate in 2013 and has been a Professional Certified Life Coach since 2008 . 

It was always her dream to help women move forward in their lives. She started Coaching Café in 2008 to offer coaching and training services to women of all ages and stages and walks of life.

Jodi Walker Success Stories

Life Changing


So you think you want to do a life plan? I flew all the way to Texas ( from Indiana) because I wanted to do this with Jodi. She’s one of the best at helping you move forward. I just completed mine and the experience was amazing. I felt welcomed and invited. The reason a life plan is beneficial is because it opens your heart and your mind to see the amazing things God has planned for you. This has been one of the single most life changing events in my life! 

Thank you ~~~

Show me my destructive patterns and help me let them go


The VIP Coaching was life changing. It really helped me see the patterns that I have used throughout my life, some of which I was never aware of. I was able to process it and realize that all these things make up my story. I hope to recycle all that pain to help others.

This was more than I ever expected. The one on one intensive session was something I have never had before in my life.  Jodi helped me heal, all while showing me kindness, love, and compassion but also holding me accountable.


Thank you for helping me discover my patterns and for teaching me how to let them go.


Women dealing with work related stress

The Coaching process gave me a nonjudgmental comforting environment to trust in opening up to share my life’s trials & tribulations. 

The leading questions are deep & reflective that guided my eyes wide open to create a forward moving plan with attainable steps. I gained energy & clarity to reach my goals by having a strong sense of self awareness. 

All in all it was a great enlightening experience that I certainly grew from and I am better for !!!

I really Love Coaching !!! Wow!!

Women dealing with stress

love Coaching!! She really listened and restated my concerns and addressed them with tips and resources that I could apply immediately. She also shared more resources such as books and videos to watch that applied to our session!

Getting my Coaching Business up and running online

Women dealing with work related stress

I contacted Jodi for small business help. I had been a coach for a long time but needed help going to the next level and getting everything online. She was a wealth of knowledge and committment. She walks along side you and helps you get systems in place that work. I enjoyed working with her and she is a great resource.

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