A Simple Tool To Tap Into Happiness

I'd like to give you some simple tools, available for free, to all — to share with family, friends, and loved ones.

   Stress Guide – taps away stress, fear and anxiety
   Trauma Relief – taps away grief, trauma, anger and guilt

There are many challenges in our busy lives. A recent study commissioned by the American Psychological Association (Stress in America), said stress was reported by 76 percent of Millennials (ages 18-33) and Gen-Xers (ages 34-47) as compared to only 62 percent of Baby Boomers or 39 percent of the Mature population.

While it recommended many of the things we already know (get enough sleep, eat right, slow down, avoid caffeine), it didn't really provide any tools for accomplishing this, or reducing and eliminating the stress that we can't avoid. It also failed to offer any tools for eliminating the trauma, anger and guilt. Awareness of stress is there, however, the tools seem to be less accessible for many.

We have been providing trauma relief around the world for many years now, both in humanitarian missions, and on our free trauma relief web site:

We have offered our Stress Busting Guide for free on our web site for over three years now. We send a survey to those who have used it, asking for feedback, and have been both amazed and delighted with the results. It is these results that prompt me to share them with all of our friends and colleagues, reminding you all of the simplicity, and power of this tool.

Let me share just a couple of their comments with you:

  •     I followed the guide, and when I finished doing the tapping I felt very calm and felt great.
  •     I found my stress levels lowered, and I began to think about other things
  •     I felt more peaceful around my thoughts and my sleep improved.
  •     For the first time in months, this feeling I'd had in the stomach area, like someone is gripping my stomach and squeezing was gone. I had just felt stuck and doomed. Since the TFT I feel like I have a chance at my dreams still. 
  •     I work for the US military in Afghanistan, and my job can be difficult. I work in the mountains, and at time injuries occur, but we just suck it up... and move on. I was on my day off, and was looking at some web sites when I came across a story of a person who had used TFT, and gave details etc. I thought about this, and I decided to try it for myself in the cover of my room. I then went to bed and fell into a deep sleep. In the morning I had to do a 5 mile run, so as I went a little time into my run, I realized I had no pain in my knee. When I got back to my room I thought about it, and decided to try it on my energy level. To my amazement I felt incredible, and since that very first time I used TFT on my knee, I have never had any more pain. I have gotten into the habit of using it every day, and I am amazed by the constant results. I have decided to learn all I can, and I hope to be a trainer of this amazing system. I would tell everyone to try it for themselves asap.It is incredible.
  •      I was on my way to work one morning following my divorce. I had an anxiety attack, and I almost had to pull off the road. I felt like I couldn't go to work and function in this state. I remembered being shown this technique at work. Even though I could not remember the exact pattern of the tapping in desperation to resolve this crisis, I began the process, and within 5 minutes, I was able to go on to work, and work a full and complete day.
  •     Wonderful results. Addictions are no longer taking a hold and I have noticed a difference in peoples attitude and general outlook.
  •     Have been using TFT for three weeks, and it feels great. My mind is clear, and severe pain from arthritis in knees has almost completely gone.

These people were all helped, and for a variety of problems, with just the free stress guide. Many others have found relief from past traumas, and their stories are shared on the TFT Foundation's trauma relief blog site given above. It helps so many conditions, so please share these links with everyone you know. Give the gift of healing.

Don't let stress and anxiety control you —try the stress tapping guide today