Are You Masking Anxiety?

Don't use addictions to solve your anxiety problem.


Anxiety, in its many forms and manifestations is so common in today's world. Nearly 20 million (one in nine) Americans are affected by anxiety, the most common mental health problem in the United States.

Statistics (according to Social Workers Start Here web site) show that:

  • At some time in their lives, nearly one-quarter of the American population will have an anxiety disorder.
  • Women are twice as likely as men to be affected by anxiety.
  • It often begins in late adolescence or early adulthood.
  • Specific and social phobias are the most common of the disorders, with more than six million people affected.
  • More than four million Americans have generalized anxiety disorder.

Quality of Life Issues:

  • It often co-exists with physical illnesses, depression, eating disorders or substance abuse.
  • People with anxiety are more likely to make frequent medical appointments, report their health as poor, smoke cigarettes and abuse other substances.
  • Those with anxiety are also more likely to develop a medical illness, and it may prolong the course of illnesses.

Chronic anxiety often leads one to seek relief or mask the anxiety. Dr. Callahan once wrote a book on this masking of anxiety and its connection to addictions, whether they be substance or behavior based. And, interestingly enough, TFT’s (Thought Field Therapy's) common anxiety or stress algorithm, is also the most common tapping sequence for eliminating a craving or addictive urge. TFT has been successfully used to reduce anxiety as well as eliminate a desire or craving for a substance. It can be used as a preventative as well as a solution for relieving anxiety and the associated addiction symptoms.


We have provided this common tapping sequence, along with the correction for self-sabotage (a common tendency in addictions) in our free Stress Guide on our web site. For the last three years we have also surveyed those who have downloaded the guide and have been amazed at the responses and stories they have shared with us. It is very clear that our quality of life can be greatly improved if we can eliminate anxiety, without the use of drugs or medications. If you haven't already downloaded your copy, do it now and use it daily.

Please share your stories with us, let us know how you did with the anxiety algorithm, tell us what condition you would like to hear more about from others.