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About James Taylor

Maybe you’re working and living at your potential. Chances are you’re not. There are many reasons. Most of them you can’t see. Perspective is just one reason you need a coach. Feedback is another. And if you’re not accountable to anyone, what do you think will happen to that promise you made to yourself?

Without a coach you’re rowing with one oar in the water. You can get there but it’s much harder. I have coached many Executives, business owners and key team members. Most of my coaching is one to one but sometimes it’s a small group.

I have been fortunate to have been on several of the top coaching teams in the world…and harvested great ideas from all of them.

How about you? Successful coaching is often a measure of the chemistry between coach and client. Find out if our chemistry is right.

Don’t manage your life by yourself, it’s too hard. Get a coach.