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About Jill Lillard

With a tender heart, alongside a "git er dun" attitude, Jill believes that yielding to God is the key to a happy and powerful life. She brings a gentle sense of humor, persistent nature, and a warm demeanor into her work with Christian wives and couples. 


Utilizing the processes of Capturing Thoughts, Heart Scanning, Processing Emotions, and Believing New Things, Jill helps her clients release what they cannot control, taking 100% responsibility for what they can. 


“We ask how to do things (reduce anxiety, have better relationships, stay organized), yet how is often less important than why we do things.  When we can be honest with ourselves and nurture beliefs that ignite us,  we can create changes that feel meaningful and sustainable.”


Certified with The Gottman Institute, Jill has spent over two decades counseling couples offering comprehensive assessments, customized plans, and intensive multilayered support. 


Jill believes your relationship is your thoughts about the other person, explaining the reason why two people can be in a shared situation but have different experiences. She helps clients explore relationship concepts such as:

  • Happiness

  • Turning toward vs. Turning away

  • People-pleasing vs. God-pleasing

  • Expectations and Boundaries

  • Responsible TO vs. responsible FOR

  • Talking AT somebody vs. talking WITH them


Jill is the founder and CEO of The Happiest Lives, LLC, where she facilitates The Happiest Lives Academy, a high-touch online coaching program for Christian women. Here she helps women step into purposeful and joy-filled lives.  Together the women create five personal transformations utilizing Jill’s teachings, coaching, worksheet workshops, community relationships, and 24/7 support. 


She is known for her self-paced  Relationship Courses:  The Happy Marriage Mindset, Connection Cure, and, The 6 Week Marriage Makeover.


Jill has facilitated inspiring and faith-filled retreats and workshops for Christian women for nearly a decade. These encounters are geared at healing emotions and relationships through interactive learning and thought-provoking questions. Workshops can be in person or on online. 


Though Jill's straightforward approach helps clients look inward, she also encourages them to take BIG actions to create BIG results.


“Aligning our will with the one who created us is the most powerful and exciting life there is. Sometimes we just forget who we are and need a little structured support and inspiration along the way.”


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