When Flirting Goes Too Far

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In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, both Kendall and Kylie Jenner state that their number one dating deal breaker would be their guy flirting with their best friend. Sounds reasonable enough, right? After all, who wants their man making eyes at someone else, especially a gal pal? You cannot dispute the heartache and humiliation that follows suit.

However, some girls cannot seem to tell the difference between a guy flirting and one who's just being friendly. They rule any favorable contact with another female as grounds for dismissal. So, the question is, how do you know if your guy is really flirting with your friend or if you're just feeling insecure about your relationship?

John M, a 25-year-old business graduate, says his friendly manner has definitely been misread by a past girlfriend. "Some of us males are super loyal. It's our girlfriends and their friends that put us in situations that are out of our control, and we get in trouble for it."

For some women, having their man pay any attention at all to another girl makes them uncomfortable and suspicious, but just because a guy is polite and engaging, doesn't necessarily mean he's hitting on your friends. Rocky Parrish, who is happily involved in his relationship, has been wrongly accused in the past for being too nice and too complimentary to his ex's friends. "I'm always going to be me," he says. "And if being nice, and friendly, or telling someone they look good is bad, it's the jealous one's problem ... not mine."

So ,how can you figure out if you should be concerned with your boyfriend's friendly behavior? Some girls flip out at the first sign of a wandering eye, but you should really be more concerned with the pattern your man displays than anything else. If your guy tries to make your single friend feel good by complimenting her dress one night, let it go. If he makes flirty remarks about her appearance every time he sees her,  you may have a problem. Keep reading ...

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