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Married and divorced three times, the noted anthropologist, Margaret Mead, once said in response to a question about her "failed" marriages, "I've been married three times, all successful." Our job is to find the successful parts of your past relationships and use them so you can make sure that "your last divorce will be your last divorce."

About Jerald Young

What He Does

Jerald Young helps you end the pain of divorce and speed up your return to the mainstream of life. He is a Divorce Recovery Coach who walks people through the rehabilitation needed after divorce.

Jerald helps men and women, gay or straight, get through their divorce or breakup and get over the traumatic aftermath so they can get on with their life ASAP. Pain is the hallmark of divorce. Ending the pain is critical for recovering from divorce.  Typically it takes 3-5 years (and often longer) to recover. His clients return their life to normal, or actually to their "new normal," in 3-5 months.

Using the Smooth Divorce Recovery Program™, a proprietary, three-step program he developed, clients release their unwanted baggage of previous relationships and prepare for new ones that will last. The goal is two-fold: (1) to dissolve away the pain so you can enjoy life as a single person, unencumbered by your past relationships, and (2) to feel enriched by your past relationships and fully confident and prepared to start a successful new relationship - if and when you so desire.

He is the Founder of Smooth Divorce Recovery, a Divorce Recovery coaching firm physically based in St. Paul, MN, and accessible virtually throughout the English-speaking planet.

His Experience

Jerald has been divorced twice and happily married since 1993. He agrees with thrice-divorced, noted anthropologist, Margaret Mead, when she said in response to a question about her "failed"marriages, “I’ve been married three times, all successful.”

Some of Jerald's other life transitions include two early career changes, two children, three stepchildren, two mid-life career changes, several geographical relocations, a start-up business, and the illness and death of family and friends.

After growing up in Oklahoma and living all around the country (Texas, Missouri, Connecticut, Florida, California, Pennsylvania, upstate New York, and New York City), he currently resides with his wife, actor Melissa Hart, in Golden Valley, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis. For well over ten years he has worked full time helping divorced individuals make a fast and smooth recovery from divorce.

What He Has Written

His first book, Me? Change? Not Now. Not Ever!, details the first practical prescription for how to dissolve resistance to change for any major life transition, including divorce. His newest work, The Book on Divorce Recovery: The 16 Fatal Mistakes that Will Sabotage Your Recovery from Divorce and How to Avoid Them, is scheduled for release in early 2013. In addition, he has written several articles on Divorce Recovery which can be found elsewhere in this web site as well as on his blog.

How He Has Prepared

Jerald received a Ph.D. from Yale University in Organizational Behavior and a BS and MBA from the University of Oklahoma. For 21 years, he was a professor of Organizational Behavior and Change at the University of Florida where he taught courses on how to manage change and life transitions.

His area of specialization is in "How to Dissolve Resistance to Change." His decades-long study of resistance to change and how to dissolve it, culminating in his book Me? Change? Not Now. Not Ever!, lies at the heart of the Smooth Divorce Recovery Program™. 

He is a graduate of Executive Coach Academy of New York City and of i-Coach New York's Professional Coaching Program. He is also a graduate of Relationship Coaching Institute's Relationship Coaching programs for both Singles and for Couples. In addition, Jerald is a graduate of the Grief Recovery Specialist Program of the Grief Recovery Institute.

His Mission

Jerald's coaching practice is dedicated to ending the pain of divorce and returning his clients to life's mainstream ASAP with renewed hope, rekindled interest in life, and practical skills that enable them to enjoy a satisfying, rewarding "life after divorce."

His Services

Smooth Divorce Recovery offers a range to sercices to assist you in your recovery from divorce customized to the stage of recovery you are in as well as to cost and amount of personal access you want to have with Dr. Young.

Just know that, with your commitment, we can make your last divorce your last divorce!

Jerald can be contacted at: jy@SmoothDivorceRecovery.com or by calling 917-865-2710.


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