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About Jennifer Wilkov

Have you suffered from job loss, career issues, financial ruin, health issues, relationship stress or other unexpected personal or professional experiences that make you feel less confident in yourself?

You want so badly to rise above it and be resilient. You want to do so much and be so much more but you feel held back or even trapped by your present circumstances. Yup! I know that feeling and it doesn’t feel good.

I can start helping you turn that feeling around right now.

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You can even watch this short 3 minute inspirational movie called “Life Is Like Coffee” to help you understand that the life you want is possible.

You see, I believe that no matter what you have experienced, you can still remain fabulous and have it all. I speak to women through my inspiring personal message, "You have the right to remain fabulous! - regardless of any situation, circumstance or condition."

If you could just have someone help you find your voice again and plug into your self-esteem and self-worth, you could bounce back and get back in the game.

That’s what I do.

Ambitions are not something you go after by yourself. Sometimes we need the right people who know the right people, places and resources to step into our lives and help us make our dreams happen.

If you’re frustrated with the bumps you’re experiencing professionally while climbing the ladders in Corporate America or feel uneasy about pursuing your entrepreneurial ideas, I can help you resolve these and reignite the passions you have to fuel the path to make what you want happen.

Even if you’ve failed with one of your own businesses in the past, gotten fired or been downsized in your job, I can help you to breakthrough those doubts you have about whether you can really do it and succeed.

Maybe you have a great book or business idea and feel like if you could only find the resources to help you put the pieces into place, you could develop it.

That’s what I do.

I’ve experienced many of the situations mentioned above and many others. I also survived being incarcerated in one of New York’s and the nation’s most violent prisons, Rikers Island, after inappropriately being told to plead guilty to a crime I didn’t commit by an attorney who mishandled my case. I continued to succeed as an author, media personality, entrepreneur and international speaker after enduring this devastating, unimaginable experience.

I am now also miraculously recovering from seven near-death experiences, five of them in 2019 alone, after receiving an Advanced Stage IV Non Small Cell Lung Cancer diagnosis in November 2016 after summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro that July.

I work one-on-one with entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate executives and authors like you through my signature Reset Your Mindset Sessions, the Make It Happen Program and my book consulting practice called Your Book Is Your Hook.

I also work with first-time and seasoned writers and authors to help them get seen, heard and published. Get my Free Starter Kit right now to help you get going with your book idea or schedule a JumpStart Your Book Session with me so you can discuss your questions about how to get published, find a literary agent, e-publish, self-publish, what to write, how to sell more books and so much more.

I know what it’s like when you crossover the threshold and become a published author. It’s amazing – and it is absolutely possible for you!

Believe me, I know what it takes to live the life you love in the face of any challenge. I love to inspire and guide you to take action and go after the life you want.

Right now…It’s your time to have it all, isn’t it?

Not sure how to get started? Use a free pass - YT1STONEFREE - to join me for a session in The Make It Happen Room to experience a high-powered experience designed to turbocharge your productivity. You'll work in a virtual community alongside highly productive business owners, entrepreneurs, and writers who are getting things done in an environment infused with accountability, structure, time blocking, self-care, mindfulness, some neuroscience to help you work faster and smarter, and formulas for resilience and, most importantly, results! 

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