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5 Ways Being Single Is 1,000Xs BETTER Than Being In A Relationship

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 5 Reasons It's Amazing To Be Single

In a society where engagements, weddings, babies, and going to parties with a date is a cultural norm, being single can still be seen as relatively less fabulous than the latter. If we're single, others who aren't may tend to perceive us as lonely or unhappy. We may find ourselves being asked the question, "Are you seeing anyone?" which is followed by a sympathetic look when we tell the person we aren't.

Whether we're perfectly content with being single, the simple reaction that our society has can be enough to turn our feelings of contentment into feelings of inadequacy. We may find ourselves wishing that we were in a relationship just so the cloud of single-ness hanging above our heads can be lifted.

Because of this, it's important to reflect on and acknowledge the benefits of being single. Here are five fabulous and amazing things about being single.

1. You can do anything that you want, when you want.

Want to go on a vacation in Paris? What to move to Australia? Then do it. When you're single and you have nobody tying you down, you can literally make whatever life decision you want. No need to discuss it with a partner; you can just do your own thing. Take that new job offer. Move across the country. Take that dream vacation by yourself. The world is at your fingertips.

2. You're free to learn, explore, and try anything you desire.

Want to have some fun and switch up your political or religious views for a while? Want to explore a new culture in order to see the world through their eyes? It's much easier to explore and try out new ways of being in the world when single, than in a relationship. You don't have the other person's views and opinions to deal with.

Sure, we can grow and learn in our relationships as well, but when we're single we can easily try on every hat we have available to see which one really fits best.

3. You can easily learn how to take care of yourself.

We have the opportunity to thrive and master the art of being independent. We have the opportunity to nourish and take care of ourselves emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, without having to be concerned about another person. We can tune inward to ourselves without being distracted by other people's "stuff" so much.

We have the chance to take care of our own needs and learn how to satisfy those needs for ourselves without relying on another person to do it for us. As a result, we can find ourselves even more ready for the next relationship that comes our way.

4. You never really know what's around the corner.

You want to know the most exciting thing about being single? It's that you never know to expect. There's a mystery as to who your next date will be or what your next relationship will be like. The curiosity and wonder of it can be very exciting — whether the date is good or bad. If it's bad, you get some funny stories to tell. If it's great, you get all the early blissful stages of the relationship.

5. You get to experience all of the "firsts" again.

You know what else is great? First dates. First kisses. The beginning stages of that new relationship. When you're single, you know you're (hopefully) going to have another moment in your life where you'll be floating on cloud nine, filled with pure bliss and butterflies, all because of your new relationship.

Once you're married or in a committed relationship, you're probably not going to have the excitement and spontaneity of that again. The mystery and discovery of learning about the other person slowly dissipates the more you're together.