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We help good people end broken marriages.

About Jennifer Hargrave

I am a divorce attorney in Dallas, Texas.  My specialty is in helping families bring an end to a broken marriage, in a way that helps them prepare for the next chapter of their life.  For our clients, divorce is not the easy way to end their marriage relationship.  Our clients value family; they value marriage.  In most cases, they have tried years of marriage therapy before deciding to divorce.  For other clients, divorce was not their decision, but rather one thrust upon them.  However clients come to us, we believe is our job to help get them through the divorce process in a manner that is consistent with their values, working to help them get the very best outcome possible.

I am Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  I have practiced exclusively in the area of family law since 2006, after I left the corporate world.  I have three children with my husband of over twenty years.