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CPC, Med

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Business Coach, Career Coach, Divorce Recovery Coach, Personal Development Coach, Speaker/Presenter

About Jenna Cooley

I am lucky to absolutely LOVE what I do!  Partnering with leaders from all walks of life, helping them to renew hope for their future and make the most of their TURNING POINTS is a dream come true!

My life has included an interesting array of turning points.  I’ve gone from married mom of a nuclear family, to single mom, to mom of a beautifully blended family while being a leader in my community and my career.  In the midst of the journey, I’ve had ups and downs that have caused me to ask:  “Do I fall to pieces or do I pick up the pieces and put them together into something beautiful?”

Fortunately, my 25 plus years of experience in education, business, counseling and coaching, and, in particular, my exceptional training with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) have provided me with the knowledge and skills to turn “problems” into “opportunities” and to help my clients do the same.  My emphasis on connection provides my clients with an engaging and empowering partnership  and my audiences with a stimulating and interactive experience.

I look forward to the opportunity to coach or train you personally or in your business or organization.

With sincere wishes for your hope, happiness and success,


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