Anger Management

Years in Practice

6-10 years


Washington DC 20059 - United States



Additional Expertise

Consultant, Counselor/Therapist, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Speaker/Presenter

I Practice in

My state/province only



I Believe

Say more, listen more. Healthy communication is the key to healthy relationships.

About Ekwenzi Gray

As a licensed clinical psychologist in the District of Columbia, I have had the opportunity to work with clients presenting a variety of concerns. I have a particular passion for helping clients struggling with adjustment concerns, career concerns, depression and suicide, anxiety, other emotional challenges, and spiritual concerns. I also work with people dealing with issues related to sexual identity, orientation, and interests. I have been in clinical practice for nearly 10 years and enjoy working with individuals and couples.


My clinical (or theoretical) approach is cognitive at it's core. That is, I focus on the relationship between a person's thoughts and their feelings and try to help them identify more adaptive thought patterns in order to have a more desirable emotional experience. Basically, we work together to try and help the client "feel the way they want/choose to feel." Of course, that doesn't mean that we ignore the past or early relationships and experiences because those maladaptive thought patterns didn't pop up on their own. (Technically, that means I work from a cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic foundation and formulation.)


Currently, I am not accepting insurance directly (i.e. I'm out of network for all insurance providers). Credit cards, cash, and personal checks are accepted. I can provide clients with a monthly invoice identifying services that have been rendered that clients can then submit directly to their insurance companies for partial reimbursement. For more information, please feel free to contact me by phone or by email.

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