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Business Coach, Career Counselor, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Mentor

About Jeff Saperstein

My professional background includes successful careers in corporate communications, non-profit marketing and 
fund-raising, consulting, university teaching, writing, and coaching.  

I encourage stuck people to examine their life purpose and apply that to their career decision. I strive to listen to and understand each situation and to help you find new, better ways to think and feel about your next move forward. Having made my own conscious career and life transitions, I know how difficult it can be to align values and purpose with market reality. 

I have been practicing coaching clients since 2016.

I research and write about how organizations and careers are evolving and how individuals can navigate their careers in a rapidly transforming workplace. My approach uses self-assessment tools, referral to resources, energy leadership skills development, and intuitive listening to get you results quickly. Together, we discover new ideas and alternate, better approaches and solutions. 

I am available to clients as needed for both quick response and session scheduling.


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