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About Jean Fitzpatrick

I’m a midtown Manhattan marriage counselor and psychotherapist, I have been lucky enough to serve couples and individuals in the New York area for over twenty years.  As a relationship therapist, I help busy people "expand their relationship toolkit" and discover new ways to connect with the people they love.  

Often people tell me they worry that they're with the wrong person because they argue so much.  They may enjoy each other's company and even feel like soul mates, but the fighting is just toxic.  

Good news:  you can learn how to transform your approach to conflict. Instead of feeling sick to your stomach about it, you gain a sense that your disagreements actually help you understand each other and grow closer and more comfortable with each other.  

You may have seen me on Vogue, Brides, Marie Claire, in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the NY Daily News, the Washington Post, and other media outlets where the subject is relationships, marriage and family life. My articles have appeared in many national magazines, including Parents, Working Mother, and The New York Times Magazine, and I have written 6 books on family life.

In my practice I work with couples and individuals who want to improve their relationship at all stages: dating, pre-marriageprebaby and postpartum. Marriage counseling for couples who have drifted apart, are struggling with conflict, or are trying to heal from an infidelity is how I spend most of my day  

I love this work. Every day I get to help talented, driven New Yorkers discover a richer connection with the people they love  

Here in the YourTango community, where people bring their questions and worries about relationships, I am excited to to use my experience, training, and creativity to help you discover your own strengths and move toward the life and relationships you long for. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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