Why 2018 Could Be Your Most Powerful Year Yet, According To Numerology

What to do to make this prediction come true.

 Why we should Get Excited about 2018! Kiefer Pix/Shutter Stock

The significance of 2018 for YOU.

I imagine we have all considered that each year of our lives has certain significance and that is true. But each numerical year also has an energy value all its own. It is all about energy and numbers signify specific energies. Let me explain.   

The year 2017 digits out to a 10-year. Ten is a 1 and 0. The symbolism in that number indicates there were lots of new beginnings in 2017 — jobs, relationships, projects, everything. 


Can you think of anyone who hasn't changed in some important way or venue and started down a new path? It could even mean changing your belief systems. There is no end to the changes and new beginnings that occurred in 2017.

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The number 1 represents beginnings and the 0 represents power. So as you go back and review the changes you have made, consider the power that goes with them. That means your venture or project, job, or relationship exudes power


Check it out!! Look for it! Often, we walk right past momentous occasions and don't realize till much later how important they were in our growth.

That brings us to the New Year 2018, which digits out to an 11. Eleven signifies mastery. Everyone is a master in some way or other. They could be a genius in bringing joy to others, or in teaching or communicating, or being a visionary in business, music, organizing, nurturing a family, or a particular sport. 

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Perhaps it is in elevating people or some form of creativity or they might even excel in understanding themselves. You get the idea. Look for mastery in 2018 and give yourself credit for what you have accomplished. Wouldn't it be great if our government learned to master governing?

We have worked hard this year (2017) with all the changes and now it is time to refine our talents and enjoy some form of mastery. I hope this bit of insight about the energy of the New Year inspires you to seek out your own amazing mastery.

Just don’t shine your light under a bushel basket. The world needs YOU! 


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