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About Jean Ann Rodrigues

So there I was, staring at my 7th grade teacher as she had frustratingly thrown a white board marker at me and yelled, “you are stupid.” This was a monumental moment where I had to make a choice if she was right or wrong. And so began my journey of self-discovery and blessed I was to have the most incredible masters illuminate the path in front of me.

Allowing myself to grow and experience, I started my life vision doing a business degree majoring in Marketing and Psychology. From there I pursued my acting passion at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts where my deep appreciation for the human form was harnessed. Regardless, something was missing. So I continued to search other avenues of study and waited endlessly to feel that feeling of “this is it, this is my calling.” At a point of nearly giving up, I received a moment of grace when I found at a private university an opportunity to study a two-year postgraduate in Coaching and Leadership. That was the moment I was talking about! After being mentored by my own coach and listening to webinars by many of the coaching greats, I knew that this was my mission. From that day forward, I made a pledge to serve others and myself in living the most inspired life.

So here I am – A holistic self-development coach, non-medical hypnotherapist and yogi and my mission is to help individuals, such as you - live your purpose, manage your life, develop balance and be successful based on your terms. because there is no one quite like you – so it is time to own your power.

So why self-development? Well, because giving to yourSELF is about learning about you and what you want and need; learning how to manage your life; and fulfilling your dreams. DEVELOPMENT because this is about learning to become unstuck and evolve on a spiritual, physical and emotional level; where are you now and where you want to be. Self-development is about telling yourself that you will no longer ask someone else to make you happy, give you something and tell you how great you are doing in life, business or school because YOU are the one owning your life and making yourself happy and their is nothing more enlightening than that. 

I believe in the modalities and processes I use as not only have I gone through vigorous internationally recognized trainings, but I have also personally experienced coaching, hypnotherapy and yoga and how these systems saved my life. I have worked with large corporate companies such as Standard Bank, conducted peer-mentorship programs in schools, presented hypnosis talks to students and developed emotional intelligence workshops for parents. Currently I have completed a research project at a high school where I integrated a holistic coaching and Satyananda yoga program in order to decrease stress, develop awareness and establish life balance. The results were phenomenal and the paper is moving through a publishing house as we speak! I have taught yoga to students at The South African College of Applied Psychology, worked alongside Childline Centre for abandoned children and of course had students challenge and grow me to be the highest version of myself.

I am dedicated to deliver a holistic approach filled with wisdom that aims to grow internal happiness for individuals looking to develop. Whether that is on a personal level, a corporate level, or youth and schools level. I am here! It is about developing clarity of purpose, learning practical skills, experiencing true wellness and being able to connect to your true essence - no comparing, no trying, just allowing yourself to experience you.

So there you have it! Thank you for taking the time to read through my profile and I look forward to connecting with you and serving you on your personal experience to greatness!


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