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What Are The Eight Areas Of Life

What Are The Eight Areas Of Life

What Are The 8 Areas of Life?          

First thing we can debate about, is how many areas there are in life. The purpose of this article is to give a basic, elementary, generic overview of 8 areas of life.  The focus is to look at only the areas each person will automatically experience in life just by being born.  These are the basics of human experience, the brilliance of the wonderful gift that all of life has given, with its patterns and conditions that create beauty in design and flow. Most of the basic healthy patterns have been discovered and we are able to become aware of how to bring about the best life conditions creating the backdrop for our best dreams and unique personalities. These are the eight areas:
 1- Home Life- All the things associated with family life, organizing, design, and time management.
 2- Relationship- The aspect of love, romance, marriage, dating, divorce, children, parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, partners, and pets.
 3- Emotions- Identifying and dealing with varying degrees of feeling such as empathy, fear, love, hate, sorrow, peace, and  joy.
 4- Spirituality- Personal discovery, healing old wounds, recovering personal power, expanding intuitive awareness, discovering new dimensions, remembering your true spiritual identity, finding peace within your soul.
 5- Body-
Physical health and well-being, including weight loss or gain, beauty, exercise, sports, and recovery from illness.
 6- Money- Income, savings, debt payoff, and money for purchases, adventures, and indulgences.
 7- Career- Where you want to work, what you want to do, how much you want it to pay, whom you want to work with, the environment you want to work in, the rewards you want to receive, the amount of independence you want, and the contribution to the world you want to make.
 8- Sexuality- Love, physical intimacy, techniques, puberty, attraction, dating, and pursuit.   

As we look to bring balance into the 8 areas of our lives we can use 8 processes that come from nature to help facilitate that balance. They are:
* Declutter- Seeing a way to make space for our life areas to function clearly by removing confusion and disorganization.
* Condition- Creating a necessary set of circumstances, modification and changes to support a state of existence.
* Vision- To create a space in the mind an image of what you want your life to look like and where you want to take it.
* Build- The process of moving on the vision to fashion, form, alters and makes changes to your life in a positive way.
* Seed- Following the decision to build, we make that decision, plant, respond and grow.
* Balance- We find the natural fit for each life area and how it blends with all other areas and know how to weigh when it is imbalanced.
* Sustain- Being refreshed and naturally rejuvenated over a long period of time simply by fulfilling your visions and having maintenance strategies built in to your life process to check in on how you are.    
* Recycle- Life goes in cycles and stages.  We blend what is working with what is new. Sometimes we begin again.

Success is an attainable goal for all of us. We may measure success in different ways, but feel the success through having peace and a sense of oneness with the core of your being as it is balanced by every area of your life.