Public Restrooms (GROSS) And 6 Other Places People Hook Up On NYE

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New Years Kiss
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New Year’s Eve is about celebration. Whether ringing in the New Year with a significant other or a cute date, when midnight strikes and sparks are flying, people lose their inhibitions and hook up.

It is a party night; a holiday devoid of religion, gift obligations or family dinners. It’s about, “champagne, kissing at midnight, and having a date,” says relationship expert April Masini.

“There’s nothing serious about it and everything involving New Year’s Eve is about having fun, letting go, and making out.”

The day is about letting go of the past, and ingrained in that is the desire to try new things simply because it’s a new year. "There is an implied pass that people get on New Year’s," says Nick Savoy, President of Love Systems. “It’s an excuse — knowing that a boozy, celebratory night is ahead and condoned — to hook up with an unexpected partner, no matter where you are.” It’s an opportunity to start things on the best note when ringing in the new year.

The unwillingness to be alone, “combined with all of the booze flowing and the simple custom of kissing your partner when the ball drops can quickly escalate into more sexual experiences, “ says Thomas Edwards, Founder of The Professional Wingman. “People disregard how seemingly inappropriate it might be at that time or location, whether in private or in public.”

And speaking to PDA, a new survey by travel-dating site, finds that singles enjoy a little public romp on New Year’s Eve.

“We were curious to find out what the most popular discreet locations for post-midnight kiss action were,” says MissTravel spokesperson Hannahmae Dela Cruz. “Spontaneous hookups are much more common than we’d imagine, so we turned to our members to give us insight ahead of New Year’s Eve.”

In a survey of more than 50,000 members, the team at MissTravel asked members where they’ve hooked up when privacy just wasn’t an option. They found that singles aren’t afraid to get a little frisky this holiday — and they’re also not afraid of hooking up in open spaces.

Findings revealed that that 43 percent of singles have hooked up in a public place, and that 35 percent of singles admitted to hooking up in public restrooms.

The stairwell came in at a close second with 26 percent of members getting busy in this discreet location, while other popular nookie spots included the balcony, elevator and hallway.
Here are the results of the top seven new year’s eve hookup spots:

1. Public Restroom 35%

2. Stairwell 26%

3. Balcony 13%

4. Taxi 10%

5. Elevator 8%

6. Hallway 5%

7. Coat Closet 3%

According to Brandon Wade, CEO of MissTravel, this isn’t much of a surprise. Whether singles are “slipping into the party coat closet or sneaking some action into the cab ride home, the thrill of getting caught in the moment adds a little spontaneity to the night.”

But remember, it might be fun to lock lips around the holiday season but you also need to keep in mind that your sense of reality might be a little off balance. As much as a holiday fling could be fun, there could also be tons of negative consequences, depending on who that fling is with.

“When you're letting your hair down after a stressful year with warm wishes and love in the air, these feelings could push you into the arms of someone that you shouldn't be flinging with,” says Dr. Nikki Goldstein, Sexologist and Relationship Expert.

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So if you get swept up in the holiday season and are seeking that hook up when the ball drops, just be wary of who you are getting swept up with.