10 Fun & Healthy Kitchen Appliances To Ring In The New Year


New Year's is coming and topping most people’s wish-list is eating healthier and getting in shape. Many make the pledge and stick to their resolution for the first few days. The truly dedicated may even make it until Valentine’s Day. But for many, the daily grind gets in the way of achieving their health/fitness goal.

But that doesn’t have to be the case anymore thanks to these fun and healthy kitchen appliances.

First thought in people’s minds, I need to eat more salads. So instead of washing and drying lettuce, kale, spinach or any other greens you like to be the base of your salad by hand, the Chef’n SpinCycle Salad Spinner makes this process simple. Simply place your greens in the basket then rinse, spin to dry and serve the freshest greens, then sleekly store for later. The Chef’n SpinCycle Salad is available at, $24.99 for small and $29.99 for large. And no longer do you have to cut vegetables by hand thanks to the BLACK+DECKER Lean Green Prep Machine. It makes healthy eating easy as this lightweight tool slices, grates and shreds fruits, veggies and cheese for the perfect easy salad. For $59.99 at, this easy-to-use appliance adds both convenience and a sense of style to any salad you may make!

Next will probably be jumping on the juicing and smoothie trend. It’s never been easier to create fresh, nutritious fruit and vegetable juices at home while using Cuisinart’s CJE-1000 Juice Extractor. Featuring 1000 watts of power, the surprisingly quiet juicer easily handles whole fruits and vegetables and offers a 5-speed control dial is easy to operate. For $149.00 the juice can be purchased at For smoothies, the Bella Rocket Extract Pro Plus features a powerful 700 watt motor and stainless steel emulsifying and grinding blades, great for all veggies, fruits, nuts and more. Featuring 10 different blending functions and seven pre-programmed settings, this blender is great for any smoothie your heart desires. For only $99.99 you get a BPA-free 32oz pitcher, two 24oz tumblers, and 12oz tumbler. After making your healthy smoothie or juice, pair it with Eco at Heart’s® reusable stainless steel smoothie straws. Their BPA free, non toxic and long lasting straws are a great way to reduce people’s disposable plastic use and are stylish, easy to clean and make drinking smoothies fun! A set of 5 can be purchased for $16.90 on their website (link here) or for $13.90 on Amazon (link here).

Looking to start cooking healthy meals at home instead of going out so much in the coming year? Gourmia™ recently launched the GSV130 Digital Sous Vide Pod Immersion Circulator Precision Cooker for faster, easier, cleaner and more affordable homemade gourmet meals. The GSV130 - their No. 1 selling product - brings professional-chef sous vide cooking (method of cooking in which food is sealed in airtight vacuum-sealed plastic bags and then placed in heated water), one of the hottest trends for today's health conscious consumer, to every kitchen. The Sous Vide pod is available on (link here) for $109.99.

Want to make sure you drink enough water every day? Check out Pryme Vessyl a smart to-go mug that intelligently tracks hydration in real time. Pryme Vessyl calculates your optimal hydration level using information about your unique daily activities and personal physiology to calculate how much water you need. It also integrates with popular fitness trackers like Jawbone UP & Apple Health so users can easily track physical activity and address their hydration needs. Prime Vessyl is available in select Apple stores, and at, for $99.

Are you a coffee or tea drinker but don’t have the time to prepare a warm steamy cup? MoJoe Brewing Co recently launched mojoe™, a portable brewer and mug that gives busy coffee lovers the freedom to brew whenever and wherever with their favorite coffee grounds. Pre-load your coffee grounds, sugar, and cream or milk into your mojoe and power it via car charger, wall outlet, or rechargeable battery for fresh coffee in minutes. The product has been available for pre-orders (on Kickstarter, link here) starting at a price of $69 (MSRP $99) and when the campaign ends on January 28, 2016, mojoe™ will be available to purchase online at

And if you can’t give up your bottle of vino but are looking to cut back, Waring has a new Digital Wine Chiller/Warmer which brings wine to the optimum temperature faster than traditional methods. Place the device on your dinner table, put in your bottle and choose from a library of of 33 expert-recommended temperature settings for white, red and sparkling wines. The wine chiller/warmer can be purchased for $99.99 at various retailers including (but not limited to), Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate&Barrel and Dillard’s.

Lastly, if you prefer to cook outdoors and barbecue your food the Maverick ET-735 bluetooth barbecue thermometer will be your smart device’s new cooking companion. Whether cooking lean meats or veggies on the grill, the ET-735 allows you to monitor barbecue temperatures from your IPhone, Ipad, Android or Tablet up to 160 feet away. The ET-735 allows you to connect up to four water-resistant probes and will alert you via its accompanying Redi-Chek app once the desired temperature has been reached. The ET-735 is available on Amazon (link here) for $79.99.

Hopefully these affordable and easy-to-use appliances can aid you in keeping to your resolution post-Valentine’s Day and lead to a healthy and happier new you...good luck to all!

By: Jarone Ashkenazi

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