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Christiansburg VA 24073 - United States



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Author, Confidence Coach, Life Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach

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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt

About Janelle Anderson

I am a self-discovery and personal transformation coach for women leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs who are successful, high-achieving and passionate about their work. I help them discover deeper meaning and purpose within a busy, demanding life while nurturing and maintaining strong connections with family and friends. We work together to help them create a healthy and balanced lifestyle so they can thrive and enjoy a fully engaged life. I strongly believe that every woman has been uniquely designed to bring tremendous value to this world and deserves to find full joy and satisfaction while pursuing her passion. I work with my clients in private coaching sessions, workshops, and group coaching environments. I also help small businesses develop leaders who inspire and motivate their teams by leading from their heart. This results in increased motivation, engagement, and productivity and a positive company culture and environment.

My coaching style is marked by compassion, intuitive listening, and deep wisdom. My clients report that my demeanor brings calm and a sense of safety, allowing them to relax into the peaceful space I create with my presence. The result is transformation and tremendous growth in their personal and professional lives. My expertise lies in equipping my clients to create the life they choose with confidence, peace, and grace.  Together we create a clear vision and a specific plan of action resulting in progress and momentum. This process allows my clients to break through obstacles that once seemed insurmountable and accomplish goals they once thought were out of reach. 

My Confidence Club provides a space for women leaders and business owners to up their game and finally ditch the impostor syndrome to walk in confidence in all they do. I have several courses, including The Life Purpose Course for Women, Pathways to a Fulfilling Life in Retirement, and Women Living Well Beyond 50, with more courses to come. I am also a speaker, workshop creator and facilitator, and author. My devotional prayer journal, Come into My Garden, was published in 2017 and my new book, She's Taking Center Stage: How to Be the Star of Your Own Story, is due out early summer of 2020. I host a podcast called Women Emerging Fearlessly, focused on ways that women can develop their greatest potential and fearlessly embrace their best selves. The show often features conversations with women who have successfully overcome many obstacles to pursue their passions and dreams. 

I received my coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and I hold a PCC credential from the International Coach Federation. I received my Master’s in Christian Counseling from Christian Leadership University and my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Janelle Anderson Success Stories

Empty Nest Mom Builds Self-Confidence to Pursue her Passions


I found that working with a life coach was life changing. The tools Janelle gave me helped me to tap into myself and my God-given destiny and they are simple and powerful. It gave me the power to realize I am not stuck in life and that I am stronger than I think. This was a very "ahha" moment for me. I have found so many hidden treasures in this program that have helped me live life more fully with my husband and family and friends. After two months of working with Janelle, I started hearing people say “What’s happening in your life? You are different." It’s ok to finally think about ME. It’s hard work, but the forever skills you receive are worth every ounce of time and money. 

Woman Feeling Stuck in Career Finds New Direction

Women dealing with work related stress

I found Janelle to be a very understanding and caring person. I felt comfortable with her at the first meeting and felt working with her would be a valuable experience. I was trying to find a new job and get started on the job search and keep going until I had completed my task. I was also having trouble with seeing that I was capable and had the abilities to find a new job. My job environment has been less than desirable for a lot of years, but I delayed making changes because of doubt, fear, and insecurities. Working with Janelle helped me to see that I need to take charge of my own life and pursue my dreams and not let negative people affect or discourage me from doing what I want to do and accomplish. Janelle was very supportive, had good ideas and was willing to say job well done. I now have renewed confidence in myself and my abilities. I enjoyed working with Janelle and her coaching really helped me feel more self-assured, motivated, and inspired. 

Woman in Unhappy Marriage Gets Clarity on Next Steps

Women seeking to end a relationship

Working with Janelle as my coach gave me self-respect, self-confidence, and helped me to believe in myself. We all need to believe in ourselves and be our biggest fan so that we can overcome the changes and obstacles we face and to get to the root of the problems we may be having. I found Janelle to be thoughtful, insightful, and inspiring. I finally made changes toward putting myself first and working on making myself happy. I now realize that I am a much stronger person then I realized. If you are struggling with any parts of your life and ready to make a change, it’s worth investing in coaching because you are worth it! 

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